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For many who are familiar with my work, I’ve always posted my adventures in parenting, as well as other important facets of my life. My children are my everything. They’re all that I have. Parenting, life, are full of lessons and adventures both. Instead of wallowing in life’s pain, I make sure that they’re aware of it but I show them the light. Let’s face it, while it may not seem like it, life is full of beauty. Im my eyes, beauty is in the wisdom and memories made. That’s why I take my kids to places that I feel may be a clean place to have fun and learn. As parents, we strive to provide our children with experiences that nurture not only their physical growth but also their spiritual development, am I right? Well, I can at least speak for myself.

One such enchanting adventure unfolded recently when I took my toddlers, Adree and Alex, to the Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia. This verdant sanctuary offered a plethora of spiritual lessons, fostering imaginative thinking and a profound connection to nature’s magical oneness.

The moment we stepped foot in the arboretum, a world of wonder unfolded before us. The vibrant colors, fascinating shapes, and intriguing textures of the flora and fauna sparked the flames of imagination in my toddlers’ minds. Each flower became a fairy’s dwelling, every tree a guardian of secrets. As they explored the winding paths, their young minds were free to wander and create stories, engaging in imaginative play that nurtured their creativity.

Surrounded by the arboretum’s breathtaking beauty, my toddlers and I felt a profound sense of oneness with nature. The gentle rustling of leaves, the fragrance of blooming flowers, and the chorus of birdsong created a symphony of harmony that resonated within our souls. We witnessed the interconnectedness of all living beings, realizing that we, too, were an integral part of this wondrous tapestry of life. It was a spiritual awakening, a reminder that we are not separate from nature but deeply intertwined with its essence.

The arboretum served as a gentle teacher, imparting valuable lessons of gratitude and mindfulness to my little ones. As they observed the intricate beauty of a delicate flower petal or felt the rough bark of an ancient tree, they were encouraged to slow down and be fully present in the moment. They learned to appreciate the simple pleasures nature offers, cultivating a sense of gratitude for the gifts that surround us every day. In this serene environment, my toddlers discovered the power of mindfulness, fostering a deeper connection with their inner selves and the world around them.

Nature’s cyclical patterns were on display at every turn. From the budding of new leaves in spring to the vibrant colors of autumn, my toddlers witnessed the ever-changing seasons, mirroring the ebb and flow of life itself. They learned that just as flowers bloom and wither, so do our experiences and emotions. This profound understanding of the cycle of life instilled a sense of acceptance and resilience within my little ones, teaching them to embrace the beauty in both growth and letting go.

Adree & Alex at “Out on a limb”.

The Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia provided a sacred space for Adree and Alex to embark on a spiritual journey that nurtured their young spirits. Through imaginative thinking, a profound connection to nature, and valuable lessons in gratitude and mindfulness, they were able to experience the magic of oneness and tap into their innate spirituality. As parents, we hold the precious responsibility of fostering our children’s spiritual growth, and the arboretum proved to be a radiant catalyst for this transformative journey.

This visit was nothing short of a magical experience that touched my soul and filled my heart with joy. Accompanied by my toddlers, we embarked on a spiritual journey amidst the breathtaking beauty of nature, and it was truly enchanting.

From the moment we entered, we were greeted by a serene atmosphere that instantly transported us to a world of tranquility. The arboretum’s lush gardens, towering trees, and vibrant flowers seemed to radiate positive energy, creating a sacred space for reflection and connection.

Swan Pond

As we strolled through the winding paths, my toddlers’ eyes sparkled with wonder at the abundance of colors and textures that surrounded us. Each step felt like a new discovery, as if the arboretum was whispering its secrets to us. It was a gentle reminder of the interconnectedness of all living beings, and the importance of cherishing and preserving our natural world.

One of the highlights of our visit was the stunning Japanese Garden, a true oasis of serenity and harmony. The meticulously manicured bonsai trees and the soothing sound of the nearby waterfall provided a meditative experience that left us feeling grounded and at peace. I  sat on a bench, watching as my toddlers playfully interacted with the koi fish in the pond, their laughter echoing through the air. It was a moment of pure bliss and a testament to the healing power of nature.

The arboretum’s dedication to education and preservation is commendable. The interactive exhibits and informative signage scattered throughout the grounds allowed my toddlers to learn about different plant species and the importance of environmental stewardship in a fun and engaging way. It was heartwarming to witness their curiosity being nurtured and their love for nature blossoming right before my eyes.

I cannot praise enough the staff and volunteers who greeted us with warmth and enthusiasm. Their passion for the arboretum was infectious, and their willingness to share their knowledge and answer our questions enhanced our visit even further. Their dedication to creating a welcoming and spiritually enriching experience for visitors of all ages was evident at every turn.

In all, my visit to the Morris Arboretum of the University of Philadelphia was a truly magical and spiritually uplifting experience. It provided a much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, allowing me to reconnect with nature and nurture the spirits of my toddlers. I left with a renewed sense of gratitude and awe for the wonders of the natural world. 

I highly recommend this enchanting haven to anyone seeking solace, inspiration, and a deeper connection with their own spirituality.

By Alura Cein

Alura Cein is a true, natural born Oracle. As an angelic soul, she uses her psychic/ prophetic abilities and divine wisdom to help others find illumination as well as a true path to their higher purpose. As a Rh negative blood type, she specializes in the topics related to its origins. Additionally, she also specializes in the mystical world of occult and heavenly truths. Alura is the founder of The church of I. M ( and related courses at She has discovered dozens of star races, and has revealed many angels unknown to earth. Alura was the founder and face of the Angelic Spiritual Movement of 2012-2014. Her prophetic abilities are astonishing, proven by the articles at called The Angelic Herald from 2018, and 2019 in which she had predicted all of the events of 2020, all which not only took place... but happened one after the other. Alura is a true “angel” herself in her virtuous lifestyle. She not only proves this in her psychic accuracy but also in the compassionate and unconditionally loving way that she treats others. Many have had a life altering experience in working with or even in just knowing her. You can learn more about her life style as she openly shares it with others at If you want personal readings, services can be found at

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