Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Local Reviews: Woodbury Station Cafe’

Woodbury Station Cafe’

101 Cooper Street
Woodbury, New Jersey 08096

By: Alura Cein

An adorable French creole style cafe’, perfect for brunch.

Woodbury Station Cafe review, dining, brunch, local places and resteraunts

I’m writing these reviews for everyone of all ages, lifestyles, genders and preferences. As for me, I am a mother of four children. In the line of work that I’m in, it’s not always widely accepted by others but it does keep me in my creative zone. Each week I come up with a new theme and I hope that the readers will join me. 

It’s been hard to find cute little places that can go along with my vibe of the week. It’s even harder to find a place that’s within 10 miles of my home. For anything special or unique I often have to travel into the Philadelphia area. I’ll definitely be sharing some of those places soon. This year, to my surprise I’ve found a few hidden gems nearby and I wanted to share them. 

One morning my children and I were in the mood to eat somewhere with a beautiful garden. In my mind I could envision beautiful plants and flowers all around me, eating under a beautiful gazebo. Outdoor dining has become a thing since the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and so I figured that there must be a place that fit the description within my creative mind. 

I was already driving around, so I opened up Google Maps. It didn’t seem like there were too many options within the local area, until I saw a picture of Woodberry Station Café. I hadn’t seen the whole place yet, but I figured it was close enough. Based upon the photos, it had a beautiful French Creole vibe. If I couldn’t find anything exactly how I had envisioned, at least I would find something new. Open minded, I headed in the direction of the café. When I arrived, I was blown away! It was extremely decorated with beautiful gardens outside. It was a café made inside of an old train station that was located in Woodbury.

Woodbury Station Cafe review, dining, brunch, local places and resteraunts

The station itself was built in 1883 and it was used to transport goods and people between Woodberry and Philadelphia. It was purchased by Tim Hawkins and Pat Finney who made it into this beautiful café. 

Inside, one room is filled with tables that are covered with red and white checkered tablecloths giving up that old time vibe.  There are beautiful Stained Glass windows, and Victorian hanging lamps. They have a second indoor dining area as well. Outdoors, you can dine in a beautiful garden area next to the tracks or under the gazebo. 

Services are excellent. Most of the people that work there, have worked there for a while. To see the same happy faces definitely gives you a sense of familiarity that you can be comfortable with. The service is friendly, fast and accommodating. The cafe only serves breakfast thru brunch.

Woodbury Station Cafe review, dining, brunch, local places and resteraunts

The menu has just the right amount of selections, so that you’ll have a good variety to choose from. I definitely love that they have a real “breakfast and brunch” menu. They even have a selection on the menu for people that are trying to eat more on the healthier side.

It’s only open until 3 PM, and so if you’re looking for something for dinner, this isn’t going to be the place to go. But it’s a wonderful place for driving an early breakfast with someone that you love or to just enjoy the overall atmosphere. 

What I like about this place is that it’s a quiet atmosphere. There aren’t a lot of loud people talking, and it really does give you a feeling of being at home. When I was growing up my father used to have breakfast every Sunday for us at home, and they have a breakfast selection that is almost exactly like it. It really brings back the old times of the train station, there is a lot of history, and even gives you a little taste of nostalgia from your own life.


Woodbury station cafe menu
Woodbury station Cafe menu