Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Local Review: Philly Diner

Looking for a place to eat that offered a city-like vibe, I found a little place called Philly diner. It’s located a few miles from my home and close to where my father grew up. One day we all decided to check it out together. When we got there, my father, who was alive at the time, told me that he had actually eaten at that place before, when he was younger. Only back then, it wasn’t called by the same name.

Phily diner in Runnemede New Jersey, 08007 review for local diner.
The Diner w/ a real 1950’s authentic feel.

It definitely did not have a city theme to it. 

The place itself was decorated to look more like a 1950s diner. It was complete with a classic car parked out front for decoration, and part of the diner itself is shaped like an old jukebox. However, on one side, they had built a brand new bar area that was made to look modern and appealed to newer crowds. On the other side of the diner, it was completely decorated with pictures of old Hollywood, icons, model cars throughout time, black and white checkered floors, and changing LED colored lights. 

It’s a wonderful place because you could go there by yourself for a cup of coffee, or you could go on a date there. It’s perfect for taking your family out to dinner as well. If you’re not in the mood for oldies, you can hop on over to the other side and visit their sports bar. I absolutely love this diner because the service is fantastic. The staff is always friendly and super fast at delivering your order. The menu itself isn’t bad either. They offer the basic diner menu of breakfast all day, and then several other entrées and burgers. You can definitely find something for everyone on the menu. They also have a bar menu on the sports bar side as well that is a bit different from the diner’s main menu. It consists mainly of bar foods, like wings, pizza, burgers, etc.

The Philly diner, even offers entertainment for your children on Thursdays, where a woman comes in and does a balloon show. It’s fantastic because she can create almost anything out of balloons. My kids have always enjoyed it, and it certainly gives them something to look forward to when hearing that they’re going there.

They also always have seasonal and holiday cocktails that they feature, which is a lot of fun. For Christmas time I really enjoyed that they had someone come and paint their windows with Christmas themed characters. The chocolate martini was my favorite on their holiday cocktail list.

It’s rather large for being a diner, and so you always have a place to sit. They have large booths for big parties, and then small intimate ones just for two. They even have an additional seating area where you’re off to the side if you want more privacy.

In the summertime, you can enjoy outdoor dining on the sports bar side. They even have a second story where you can be seated as well. Part of it is indoors and the other half is outside where you can sit and watch the busy life of the town below go by.

My father passed away in 2019, and I always make it a point to eat here at least once a week in his memory. It’s so close to where he grew up and I can just imagine him sitting there when he was younger having something to eat with his mom. It’s definitely a nice place to go when creating family memories. There’s nothing like taking a little bit of time out of your day to be with your loved ones even if you are just eating together.

Philly diner is owned by Petro Kontos the very same man who also own Adelphia’s in Deptford NJ.

I highly recommend that you check out the Philly diner if you’re in the local area.