Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

About A.L.O.V Magazine

This magazine was an idea that was brought together based upon wanting to add spirituality to every day life and trends. Our biggest goal is to not only inspire others but to inform the public of things that they need to be knowledgeable of. We believe in the freedom of speech and the freedom for each person to believe in what they believe. This magazine is designed to appeal to all people of all different races, genders, creeds, backgrounds, and preferences so that all can share in the enjoyment of life together equally. The idea itself was a concept of spiritual teacher Alura Cein based upon her work with many around the world. Having worked with so many people, there has been nothing but an unconditional love of everyone’s diversity. We hope that this wonderful idea can not only bring people from around the globe together through common interests, but also bring people together in the local area in which the magazine is published.

We are always looking for more authors or photographers to be featured here on the site. We would love to feature your work as an article or featured photo. If you would like to submit yours based upon any of the topics that we cover of the magazine, please feel free to contact us. If you own a local business we would love to also feature yours and to help spread more awareness of your dream. Please also feel free to contact us if you have a business or brand of your own and we’d be happy to do an article about it.

This magazine hopes to help everybody all around, whether through awareness or through sharing so that we can all prove to be successful in our spiritual journeys and in our lifestyles, and our goals.