Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Local Reviews

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Can you imagine finding a place that you’ll actually enjoy yourself at? During these times today, money is tight for everyone. Nobody wants to take that chance of spending their extra money to go out, and result in not having a good time. Here, I will add reviews of the local places that I’ve visited, that I’ve given very good scores to. I base my scoring criteria off of a few things. Have a look.

To give a local place a good review I often look for the below qualities. These are qualities that as a deeply virtuous woman, I would assume that others like myself would appreciate.

  1. Comfortable seating 

I look for places that go out of their way to make sure that me and my family are comfortable. Having toddlers I know that there’s a chance they may get fidgety or loud. I want to be comfortable and I certainly don’t want to disrupt anybody else’s comfort. I also don’t want to sit around anybody that may use foul language or talk to you loudly, not considering people around them.  After asking for a better seat, I look to see if the place was willing to accommodate my needs as a spiritual person and as a parent. 

  1. Aesthetic Appeal 

When going out, I also look for places that have an aesthetic appeal that really aligns with how I’m feeling for that day. I might be in the mood for something quiet and romantic, or I might want to sit somewhere bright and fancy. There may even be times I just want to sit in that good old All-American venue to feel more of a family vibe. For me, the design and set up of the restaurant is really a big deal.

  1. Attentive Service 

There are times that you’ll have a server that comes around a little too much, and other times where your server doesn’t come around much at all. I score my reviews on places based upon a balance and how attentive my server was. Did they give us space but also attend to our needs?

  1. Pricing 

Like I said, everyone’s having financial difficulties these days, and so I do value going to a place where the prices are fair. There are places that certainly overcharge and really don’t have the appeal or attentive service that they should for how much they charge. I definitely rate my reviews based upon how the price plays into my experience.

  1. Quality of food or offered service

If I am going out for a bite to eat, I definitely want something that’s tasty and at a good price. I’m not big on the franchise restaurants where they all serve the same thing and the menus are limited. When I go out, I look for authentic menus that offer delicious selections.

  1. Personality of Employees 

Have you ever been to a place where your server may have been nice but a lot of the other employees seemed a little bit rude and as if they didn’t take much consideration of the people around them? There was a time when I had gone out to eat and had both a very rude server and hostess. I really do appreciate places that have employees that appear as friendly. 

  1. Accommodations

When I go somewhere, I really do seek to be accommodated by the people that are employed there. I am not too demanding but if I need to change my seat or require certain things for my seating due to having children or I need to have more privacy, I certainly want my server or hostess to care. I also appreciate when they know the menu. Oftentimes the server arrives at the table as soon as you get there and they expect you to know what kind of drinks or appetizers you want. However there wasn’t much time to review the menu yet and so when they have memorized the menu themselves, it really helps me to decide what I want to get when the server arrives to introduce the items. I really do appreciate when a server can find a dish similar to one that they have on the menu already, if they don’t have what you originally wanted.

I also look for places that accommodate you by removing dishes off of your table promptly so that you have plenty of room.

That is my seven point system. Even though most reviews only allow you to get five stars, I base my five star rating upon whether they have each of the seven points that I’ve mentioned above.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy the journey that I’m going to take you on through my local reviews. If you’re in the South Jersey area, highly recommend that you check out some of these. I’ll host a new one each week.

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