Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Weight Loss Miracle

I am a mother of four. My first child was born normally, the second via C-section. 12 years later, I gave birth to my third child by cesarean. And then I had my fourth a year and a half later the same way. C-sections are not the easiest procedure for women to go through. I’ll talk about this another time. For now, anyone who has had a C-section knows about the terrible condition that your stomach is left in. You have a hanging shelf, extra skin, and for some women like me… You end up with diastasis recti.

Before my third child, I was fit. I was at a great weight and BMI and I certainly went to the gym a lot to town. I felt incredible! Except after my first child, it was the best condition I’ve ever been in. I was truly physically fit. Eating all vegetarian diet, going to the gym every day… I felt like 100 bucks. After the third child came, I didn’t really gain all that much weight. After my fourth? I was 170 pounds. For my height at 5 foot three and at a small bone structure, I should weigh approximately 130. That was really overweight for me. 

The power of God is incredible. You see, I decided this year that it was time for me to start getting back in shape. I said my prayer in July 2022, asking the heavens to please bless me with this goal and its success. I wanted to get back down to my normal weight, and get my body back into shape as much as I could. Only a month and a half later, I lost 32 pounds. I was thrilled. But I still had that terrible looking stomach. It’s something I have to deal with until I can officially find a way to get it fixed. But the weight loss? I was truly proud of myself and grateful to heaven both.

There are so many people in this world that struggle to lose weight. They don’t really have the energy to work out, and sitting at home definitely makes it hard to not grab for a snack every now and then when you’re bored. There are others that do try to be active to lose weight but they still have difficulty. So what’s going on here? How come I can lose 32 pounds so fast even after all those years, but others struggle? I know the secret. 

There are so many other people out there that claim to have miracle pills, dietary supplements, and shakes, that promise a person can lose a significant amount of weight without having to do anything else but to take their product. They are also all kinds of weight loss pills, and so many other wacky weight-loss trends out there on the market. My advice to anyone reading this that wants to lose weight? Save your money. None of those methods work. I know you’ve heard this all before and if you’ve been lied to and scammed, I’m truly sorry. It must feel awful to have your hopes up and wanting to accomplish something that’s been difficult and get promised results that you don’t achieve.

There are three very important elements to losing weight. If you have them I promise you, you’ll see weight melt right off of you. I wanted to share my journey with others because I want people out there that are struggling to lose weight, to know that there is hope. I really got that I wasn’t gonna be able to drop these extra pounds for my last pregnancy. I had tried dieting in between but nothing really worked out for me. 

That’s when after my prayer, I was able to really find what I needed in order to shred all this week. My weight loss story is one that I hope inspires other people to want to find out what they have to do to lose weight and actually succeed at it. and I truly hope that they do succeed. If you’re interested in losing weight yourself, I can help. I’m going to issue another article with tips and nutrition that can help. I hope you’ll follow here to learn more. At some point I will reveal my secrets but for now, let’s just get started on trying to inspire others to want to do it to begin with.

Miracles happen. They happen to me all of the time.