2020 Garden: And Battling the tart.

Hello there everybody. Blessings and warm embraces from me to you!

Even though this link has been maliciously blocked on Facebook, that is not going to stop me from continuing my blog. I love this platform in order to document my own personal journey while teaching many of you out there in yours. Sadly though, this blog was considered as a threat by someone, and no longer able to be shared. I did try to change the domain but apparently IP addresses are linked to very specific blog sites. And it seems that Facebook has already programmed into their system the IP address of this blog and of my Spiritual Services website. I’m still trying to figure out a way around it. In the meantime I’m not going to let it stress me out. I’ve known for a long time when I was up against and so I can only sit here and patiently wait with great faith that the Lord above will come through to help me as he always has. Mother goddess as well.

Part of this bug in my spiritual journey has always included the angelic new year and activities that I do throughout. This begins in May and ends on the Autumn equinox in September. I love this time of year because it is all about planting, growing, and bringing things to life. The produce is essential to health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. All of my products that I make are homemade. Therefore, I not only grow some of my gardens outdoors throughout that time of year… but I also have to grow some of them indoors all year around. I love doing both but, to be honest with you I truly love the outdoors more so. I have a very unusual way of gardening and hopefully I’ll get a chance to share a little bit about that as well.

This year, my daughters Amber, Adree,and I started our herb garden back on May 1 which was the first day of what we call “The Angelic New Year”. We had some guests come by but some didn’t want to attend out of fear of the pandemic. We planted a manifestation vine, danced around our themed maypole, and spent the whole day landscaping and doing repairs to our home. Later on, we did a little gardening. It was fun. A few days ago on May 21, 2020, I worked on designing the herb gardens. Right now there are three. Two are smaller for now until the baby plants grow.

The gardens themselves have the traditional herbs, but what’s amazing is that there are a lot of natural herbs in the wild too. So I have been working on a fourth herb garden that will contain wild and woodland herbs in it. As a small girl, “he who walks beside me in spirit” taught me a lot about nature. I learned about plants and their uses. The only thing was, was that I was never taught the names of the plants according to what humans called them. I had to identify everything by color, leaf or petal, location, sap, insects attracted toward it and the root of the plant. I had to be careful because some wild plants have other species that resemble them but are toxic. I was taught about everything that I came across. There are so many things in nature that even to this present day I am still adding plants, trees, berries, nuts, roots, and more to my grimoire. I enjoy venturing out into the forest to search for what I need at the time, but it’ll be more convenient to grow some of the wild plants that I use regularly in my own garden.

Some people like to plant everything together in their gardens. I almost always see rows of the same plants in gardens that I come across, but I don’t do the same in all of my gardens. I like to mix things up to give an ornamental look to my gardening. Almost everything that you will see in my gardens will be useable for food, medicine, ritual, scent, cosmetics or spell work. I can’t wait for the harvest.

Battling The Tart

Another part of my gardens include vegetables, melons, and fruit. I had an apple tree growing when I first moved into this house back in 2017. Unfortunately though, flooding rotted its roots and it didn’t make it. I have a great surprise to share with everyone this year! But I don’t want to spoil it now. So, I’ll just go on to say that I have always wanted to grow a few things specifically since I was a little girl. One of them being, a sour tart lemon tree, also known as a Meyer Lemon tree. Back in my 2010, I was picking up gardening tools for my garden that I was going to grow that year and came across one at my local Home Depot. I was thrilled! In the last few years before that, I hadn’t seen one in stores. I lived in another town then, about 5 miles away from that town’s location. Perhaps the stores in that area didn’t sell them? Nevertheless, I found one! I was ecstatic. I bought it. For only $7.99 I had made a dream of mine come true. Sheesh, for many people they dream to be rich, have a big house, or a nice luxury car. Stuff like that. For me? I dream of simple things, like owning a tree.

I put the little 1 foot tall tree and my bag of purchased gardening supplies into the trunk of my dad’s car (I didn’t drive, still don’t). My dad who passed away in 2019, was still alive then. He was quiet on the way home that day but he was usually a quiet guy anyhow. When we got home, I unpacked my purchases and put my tools in my small garden shed. Then, I sat down on the deck with my lemon tree. It was April, and so both of my kids Amber and Noah were still in school. I waited for them to get home to share with them this awesome find! Later when they both got home from school, they did their homework, washed up, and sat down with me and my parents for dinner. After listening to them about their day, I went on to express my joy over my lemon tree. They were pretty excited themselves too. I mean, they didn’t know a lot of other kids who could say they had a lemon tree! We all went out to the deck for evening tea and to look at the lemon tree again. It was just a tiny thing.

My dad joined us. He began sharing with us all about how in his younger days he had known a guy who had grown a lemon tree himself too. He advised me to start growing it indoors since April was still chilly and that really I could keep it inside as an indoor plant too, just as my father’s friend had done. I liked the idea. Live plants in the house made my energy feel crisp and clean anyhow. That was in 2010, and a few years went by….

It’s 2020 now as you know, and I went got myself another lemon tree for here at my current home that I’ve lived in since 2017. But it reminded me of what had ended up happening with that first lemon tree that I had. I was recently talking to one of best friends Dylan (Lauren) and had told her a short version of the story. Here it is…

Firstly, I suggest that after a year that you remove your lemon tree from the home. Starting at a foot high in 2010, by the time that we were moving out of that house and into a new one that tree was 8 feet tall. I could not get it out of the house by myself at all! The branches had a span of 3-4 feet in length, and the tree had reached to my ceiling. The doorways were another story. My doorways were only 6 feet in height. I don’t think people really expect the trees to get that large indoors, considering that they stunt the growth in the pot that they grow it in. This is in order to somehow control how big it gets. I didn’t know that. I mean I probably could have just asked about it, but I sincerely didn’t even think of it. I just watered it and fertilized it, and expected to trim it down at some point. But I had wanted to keep it alive and growing.. I had struggled to get that tree outdoors. Moving to a new location, I wanted to transplant it into the new yard of where I was moving to. I was so excited that I had grown a lemon tree that large, that I hadn’t even really cared about the battle that I was going through in trying to get it outside.

The pot was very heavy because of the soil and the trees’s size. I was trying everything I could to try to get it outside and onto the moving truck. I had even put it in the doorway and laid it on its side while wrapping the pot with plastic so that the soil did not spill out. I sat down on my butt with my back towards it, and tried to use my legs and feet to glide it out but that still didn’t work. I had to get some kind of help. Tired already, I called downstairs to anyone who might hear me. My father was laughing at me. He told me that I should’ve took that tree outside sometime ago because they get so big. Then he decided to tell me how his friend had run into a similar issue. He went into detail about how this guy had grown his lemon tree for far longer than I had grown mine. He told me that his friend couldn’t barely get it through his front door. I sat there staring at my father with disbelief. I couldn’t imagine why after all that time he had never told me that part of the story. Another thing was that my father had walked past that room every day where the lemon tree had been growing and never thought once to just let me know that he thought it was getting a little too big to be inside? I was stuck with this issue trying to figure out what to do next. I couldn’t lift it, let alone get it down the whole flight of steps. My father had discovered he had cancer later that same year that I had bought the lemon tree. Many years later, he was too weak to help me and plus he said that it would not fit on the moving truck at all. So he told me that I only had one or two options. I could just leave the lemon tree where it was inside, for the next people who moved in after us. Or, I could start chopping it up a little bit to make it smaller. I really didn’t want to cut the tree up at all. But I really didn’t have a choice. We couldn’t leave it inside. What if no one moved in right away? Who would water the tree? I didn’t want to leave it to die. I had been so proud of it in the beginning anyhow. So I decided I would cut it up a little. Then I would see if I could get it down the stairs, and into the backyard. I would just leave it on that property instead of taking it with me.

I finally had gotten lemon tree out of the house and transplanted into the backyard. I spent a few minutes saying goodbye to it as the movers were getting ready to pack us all up for us to head off to our new residence. I felt really sad that it wasn’t going with us. I still couldn’t believe for a second that my dad didn’t tell me to be careful growing inside. He was the one that suggested I started indoors to begin with. I also was a little surprised at how long I sat there and battled with that tart lemon tree! 2 hours! I really amazed myself that I hadn’t just thought of cutting the branches down before, myself. I was really genuinely proud of the size it had grown to. I wanted to take it with me at that size, since I had grown it for all those years. It was the first lemon tree that I had ever grown. It was a great dream come true.

I don’t know whether the people that moved in after us a few years later, left the tree in the backyard growing or not. But I did have to go and get myself another lemon tree. This time, I will leave it outside to grow for sure.

Gardening is one of my favorite things to do with my spare time. I really love making things come to life, and watching them grow strong and healthy as I nurture them. I also like to use what I’ve grown, to help other people, and my family to have a good state of well-being.

Minor Set back and Platforms

Greetings to you the reader. I humbly thank you for taking the time and interest down to read my blog. If you like, please follow as well for updates. I’ll explain to you why you may want to hit the power button, at the end.

Let’s address the remaining group

I wanted to address something that I have had a few questions come up about lately. You all know that I am having quite a bit of technological issues in fact it’s been my life story LOL. If you remember last year I had three Facebook groups running too. Truthian Circle creates by my friend Brian, Spiritually Awkward, and this one which was called Ethereal Consciousness. I’m top of that I also had all five blogs because when I first started doing my work, I wasn’t really familiar with the platforms to decide which one I want it yet. I merged my starseed blog with the Angels website and so while two of them still exist, I am only using three out of the five now. Then, all of the social media platforms. All of you have been so good to me to support me on all of these projects. However it can be quite overwhelming to have to show support on so many different platforms, to just one person. Believe me, I am grateful but I figured why have all of these if I only really use some more than the others? I was really trying to reach a lot of other people and then all of you tried to show your love by following me on each too. I am no narcissist. The only reason why I had so many projects going on Siri was just to try to reach out to others on other platforms that may not have these other ones. Nevertheless, I thought it would probably be better to use the ones that are used primarily and let the other ones just kind of hang back. Should anyone ever find them, it will lead them to my main pages. But this also included the group.

I had three of the Facebook groups going because I figured we could use them for different levels of privacy. Were the one group named after this blog, I thought it would have been interesting to have it full of ladies did you just talk about any feminine issues, concerns about life or personal problems to vent. However, I got rid of that blog because that while everyone got along well with that it wasn’t really comfortable for others to open up to having new members come in. I understood that because we have had some really negative situations in the last six years. There hasn’t been many but in the few that we have had, it was enough to traumatize any sensitive person. However, most of us belonged to the other groups anyway so if we couldn’t add more members it may be better to just keep us all in the same groups and illuminate that one so that no one would have to keep up with so many notifications or posting in multiple places. But then quite happy with the one group that I had in which everybody really was very active in, my friend Bryan went ahead and made a mystery school type of group in honor of my teachings for me. Who is very nice of him to do but I did not ask him to do it. He thought maybe it would be nice to have everybody come together to talk about what they had learned in my courses even discreetly, and then maybe add some new members who have different perspectives to share. Still, being very protective over the information in my courses at always felt a little uneasy. Therefore, I left the group app didn’t add anyone else. We had one last remaining group other than that one.

The last group

I have to mention that I have had so many beautiful people I have come across in my work. Even those that we seem to have very different outlooks or even didn’t see eye to eye at times, I have always kept love in my heart for them. I have even had a few with whom I have had a falling out of sorts into misunderstanding. I love them all still and I miss them every day. Still, back in 2018 The way that it had appeared was that there had to be someone who had a very strong vendetta against me. Another person had joined them in friendship and started to become strongly influenced by that individual. And that was all that was needed from there. Everything is sort of spiraled down word and had affected everyone that had please trust those people. It was a very negative situation and it had created a lot of drama in a group of people that had nearly only come together for a friendship and support for me. I decided that I would empty the group. I forgive both of those people that created the drama and I don’t have anything against either one of them in fact I’m still extremely good friends with one of them to this day since everybody has the ability to try to change. Believe me I can see to the soul and I know when a person is being sincere or not.

While trying to delete the group, for some reason Facebook would not allow me to delete it. They kept saying that I had members still in the group even though I had deleted each and everyone single-handedly myself. In order to delete a group on Facebook, you must remove each member and then you can have the option to delete the group.  but how could I, if Facebook system still detected that there were profiles belonging to the group, even though they didn’t exist? The group remained in limbo. we were mainly all active in the group that my friend Bryan had madeSince then. But, we were not adding more members because we had decided to close it off for privacy and to protect the information in my teachings. Every now and then I would slip a new member in to give them a chance to learn. However a lot of times there were some misunderstandings about group guidelines and a lot of projections of Satanism here and there. I’m not against anybody who chooses their right to believe in whatever they wish. But I do have the right to choose who I have in my group to represent whatever content is there. My group does not host Satanism. So while it was nothing against anyone personally, I had to eliminate a few members here or there. But I started to get emails from others who had asked to join the group. They were not in my teachings in so I had to explain to them that I’ve declined their request to join because of that. In my heart I just feel terrible. Everybody has the right to belong. I didn’t think it was fair, just because they could not get into my courses…that they were outcasted. So what I did was, I tried to delete that group and kept the last group that we are using today.

I have all of the same people in any one of those groups, in this last one anyway. This group is not based upon any subject in the title that could exclude anyone. It is just a group about angels or those that have a deep spiritual belief. So now everybody can join in together, and pretty much talk about what they wish. It’s not a group dedicated to any of my particular subject matter, although I will keep it on private to protect the privacy of the individuals posting there. So we’re back to square one LOL. I would have given up on the idea of having a group at all, but I do like to engage with people. I have also realized that some of them have also become friends and they like to engage with one another. So instead of everyone jumping around one another’s personal profiles, we can just kind of meet and greet there. when I say that we’re back to square one, I am truly telling the truth. I say that because what had happened with the first group in having a glitch that would not allow me to delete it because of it stating that members still remain, now has happened with The Truthian group. in fact there are times that it says that there are 11 members, and then there are times it says that there is only one. If you ask any one of the people that it claims are still in that group, they will all tell you that they do not belong to that group anymore. I mean they would’ve been posting still right? But I believe the trouble to be is that it is associated just like the last group, with my Facebook business page. Because of that, it represents an organization and not an individual. It may stand for A number of people depending on your business size. I have change the size of my business multiple times so perhaps that is what the confusion is forward the number. However, I can’t fully delete that group either, until all members are totally deleted from the group and since it won’t let me because most of them are in it it’s just an error, the group is still up in the search. But no, nobody is using it and there really aren’t any members remaining. Facebook really needs to get it together in terms of error. I will include a screenshot for those of you who may not believe me for whatever reason. I am not a liar and I have always been able to back myself up with proof. If you look below it says there is only one remaining member in total if members but it sure there’s several profiles there who it claims are still in the group but yet only means just one of them which I know for certain she is no longer in that group at all.

How can there be so many profiles shown as members in the group but yet claims one member is left?. It’s odd. So for those of you who may have a third for the group and still found it after I had announced it’s deletion.

It is truly a glitch and I would not have deliberately left anyone out. Everyone who was in that group is now participating in the last and final group that I have left on Facebook, and that’s how I’m going to keep it.Speaking of Facebook….


Speaking of Facebook, I also will have to measure Instagram here. There are a number of Wi-Fi and Internet issues going on across the globe right now. This was as I predicted in the Angels website in the article called Angelic Herald: In the dark.

While I cannot say why this is taking place, I can tell you that many people will experience it as well as some censorship. Just be careful how you word things is all. If one word is blacklisted, any mention of it even out of context of what they wanted it blacklisted for, will still get your post taken down. Anyhow, back to the topic. While I have also been experiencing these issues, I had also experienced an attack personally against me. Just recently, somebody spam reported me for my links to my main site and this blog. As upsetting as it is, I really feel that if a person does not agree with my work or my beliefs, or even if they just don’t like me… they can simply just ignore me. I mean, why go out of your way to ensure that my sites get blocked just because you see things differently or even because you dislike me personally? Certainly it takes time to sit there and report a person until their sites are banned. I’m sure the person has far better things to do with their life then target me. Otherwise, they certainly made it look as if I am only thing on their schedule.

The spam reporting eventually lead to a temporary block on the links to my services website and to my blog here. If you try to re-share them, it will immediately be taken down as “going against community guidelines”. While this is being fixed as we speak, I’m not too sure as to when I will find things are back to normal. in the meantime, you can share any of my posts, tag me, and mention me in your stories. I would just share the important stuff though. Additionally, if you want to send people to this blog or the main site, just spell it out as I have been doing. It has worked although it’s not clickable. For example: Spiritually Awkward Dot Com. Can you still tell a person where to go. I just want to say that I think the world is full of enough hatred, spite and negativity. This is what has led our planet into the state of disruption that it’s in. There are a lot of people that I disagree with but I don’t sit there and deliberately target them. People have been downright rude at times and have even belittled me on occasion and I still didn’t go and I spitefully against them so as to try to ruin something that meant something to them. To the person that did this to me, I ask that you find it in your heart please forgive me for whatever you think I’ve done to offend you, and I apologize for anything that you think I may have done in anyway. I always try to be kind, excepting and while I may not continue being friends with people that have created some drama here are there for me, I still don’t have hate in my heart and I hope you will not either. With that being said I wish everybody the very best in hopes that you can leave me to my dreams and you can flourish also in your own.

The reason I am writing this is to inform everyone of the recent changes but also to let everyone out there I was confused about the group to know, that I certainly never want anyone to feel singled out or to question any of my actions into dishonest. There have been a few people that have asked me why I had said that I had deleted the group, but yet they could still find it? It truly was not intentional on my part. Yet now you can see that. I am not trying to prove myself but instead to just reassure because each and every person I have come to know in my journey has taken place in my heart. I would be beside myself if anyone ever feel hurt in anyway.

I also asked very quickly, that I know that I will share a lot of my own work. I hope that this does not leave a bad impression. The only reason why I do that is because it has been very difficult over the years to find a lot of support. As I say all the time I have a small group of friends who adamantly re-shares for me and I am more than grateful. But I have worked with tens of thousands of people over time and I don’t always see a lot of support coming from them. That’s OK though. No one has to promote me. I just would hope that as a person who has had a reading and supports my work, that is interested they might share something once in a while on my behalf to help me spread the message? Truly I don’t want anyone to ever think that I want everyone to follow every single project or to have to share every single thing that I put out there. but is nice to have others take an interest in to care about other people enough to share something of mine so that they can perhaps find some change in their lives as well. That is why we are down to one group, and that is why I am normally sticking to a Instagram for most of my posting. I will still be active on Facebook, but I don’t want others to feel too overwhelmed by my presence in my being everywhere. I apologize if anyone ever did. I just certainly didn’t really know how to get my message out there except to post wherever I could find other people.

Thank you to everyone who took the time out to read this and I wish you all very well.

New Update


So, the newsletter already just went out for the month from my website, but we had a small change that took place that I needed to post about. In order for everyone to be informed, I will post this here and on other platforms. No need to reshare this.

As many know, I mainly use Instagram and Facebook to engage socially. For messaging, I had only two that I could use to respond to messages that came in. Messenger and private messages on iPhone. Unfortunately, I can’t find the time to jump back-and-forth to multiple platforms so I never downloaded any other texting apps. I also have never responded to Instagram messages due to the overwhelming number of incoming messages on social media… no matter which. I do apologize to the people on Instagram. I just clearly can’t handle answering all of those messages every day on three separate platforms.

Nevertheless, I am writing to let everyone know that my Facebook messenger is no longer working. I have tried for two days now to access it but when I go to open it it just closes out by itself. As a result, I am sure there are many messages that are coming in and I do apologize to those who took the time out to write them but until the issue is fixed, I won’t be able to use messenger. I can’t even get on there to see if my active light is off or on. What’s worse is, that even if I’m not using the app it marks me as having been active if I even touch my phone for any reason. This was brought to my attention earlier when a friend of mine saw that it had said I was active two minutes ago when I had not even used the Messenger app whatsoever. So we did an experiment and when I picked up my phone it indeed said I had been active, as my friend informed me for a second time. Therefore, if you see that it says that I’m active or that my light just so happens to be on, I’m definitely not there. I just wanted to make that clear so that nobody felt as though they were being ignored.

I also wanted to add a Facebook itself just really adds anxiety. I love the people, but there has been a very heavy negative energy there for quite some time now. Many people too, have brought to my attention that they felt it along with me…without my even having to mention it at times. I know that social media it’s self provokes feelings of anxiety and for many can be quite time consuming. This is why a lot of people have been disappearing from my group lately one by one. I want to suggest to avoid that, that you just follow what you really enjoy of other peoples works or mine, like, add your comment and be out. That’s what I do. I only spend about a half an hour posting on social media a day. For blogs and other works, I have someone doing the typing for me so that I don’t have to sit in front of the computer for very long. As everyone knows, I am highly sensitive to energy. I don’t even use regular lights in my home. I also suggest that you keep your phone on the charger next to a salt lamp for a majority of the day when you are not posing for those 30 minutes.

I’m also going to be doing some YouTube videos again. However, I’m not gonna care about editing, lighting or anything else anymore. I was never really into any of that and they were recommendations based on my daughter Amber’s suggestions to have a better presentation. I just want to talk about things that are important and that’s it. It doesn’t really matter about the rest of it. Additionally, don’t forget to stay tuned for my mini parenting tips on my Instagram page spiritually awkward too! I have a lot of fun things coming up with my family that I can’t wait to post about. Check out the last two tips, for all of you parental units!

Spirit Rant will also be back! I will post a copy of it on the Alura’s world on my general website but I will also more than likely have a copy person on YouTube as well in times where I can’t actually use WebCam. If you have questions, topics you would like discussed, for podcasting or YouTube from me, please submit them by email with “YouTube Idea” in the subject line. We already have a fantastic lineup.

I hope everybody’s doing well with the indoor change to life. For me it’s quite normal because I am very sensitive to outside energy, so I never really left my house to begin with. As an Oracle it is a very isolated life as we cannot have many distractions or atmospheric energy bothering us and we have to kind of live in a bubble or protective grid of our own inside. As an angelic, I don’t watch TV but if you do, I hope you found something entertaining and that you are making the best of these times.

Now back to readings! Yours, if you ordered any… will be on its way as soon as I can. If you asked for any invoices for services or products personally and haven’t received them yet, I’ll get around to sending soon. I am getting caught up for now.

Thanks, love & light!

Beauty Challenge? During a global pandemic?

A beauty challenge, during a global pandemic? I know it sounds like the least of your priorities and it is. But I am still going to go ahead with the beauty challenge for this year. Right now there is a lot of massive Steria, and there are many more things to come in the future that everyone needs to be aware of, and prepared for. Many people are feeling anxiety, depression, worry, and some even say they feel like all of this is some crazy dream. I understand your feelings. But back in the blogs that I had predicted all of this in, our heavens specifically say to stay positive and full of hope. And what’s more positive than making you feel good about yourself?

So with that in mind, this is absolutely free! You don’t have to obtain any of my services, you don’t need to go out and pay hundreds of dollars for a new makeover. There is no entry fee or cost to you whatsoever. There never is. I do these challenges to give back to the community and to cheer people up. When I say that I love people, I am true to my word.

So if you have any drugstore make up laying around at home, if you know how to cut your own hair, curl it, or even add color… Or you just wanna go with a totally new look naturally, why not enter in the beauty challenge? Just to remind everyone, the challenge is to pick one goal that you want to changing yourself or your life personally. Sending what that is, along with a before picture. Then over the next couple of weeks work when your goal and give yourself a little beauty makeover as well. Once you’re done, submit your after photo with a little summary of how you achieve your goal and how it’s made you feel inside and out both. This is a challenge to see if you can feel good about yourself both on the inside and the outside. Email before and afters to Alura.cein@gmail.com

The prizes are listed in my highlight on my Instagram profile under “giveaways”. I also have a promo there on my Instagram page. The prize comes from my own money. That’s right! I saved up enough money to give back to our lucky winner. Just as a way to say that I care, and to give you something to look forward to amidst all of this panic and destruction. Just because the world is ugly, doesn’t mean that you have to feel that way too.

Weekly Wise Public: Vol. 5

Que pasa? Welcome to the public edition of the weekly wise service offered by subscription on my site Alura Spiritual Services. I used to do this every week but, I didn’t want to take away from the personal readings that people get privately for their own growth, if they were investing too much attention into these. It may confuse what they are getting from their spiritual guides, and so it is good to have it occasionally. The only thing that’s missing from this right now, or a few other columns that go along with the service. I’m keeping it short and sweet with the reading itself. So what do we have to look forward to this week? We have a very strange combination of cards. We have The Sun, The Moon, and The Devil. Wait whatttttt?!🤔😲😬. Muwhahaha, you’re all doomed… just kidding! Don’t worry it’s nothing bad. Hey many other readers may consider it to be a bad omen. It really isn’t. You just have to know how to look into things.

I can remember some of the Fortune Tellers of old who told your fortune simply for entertainment. It’s a shame they didn’t tell some poor superstitious believers that the reading was just merely side show. I see that a lot nowadays… and the Internet has made it very possible for these types of psychics to really get their work out there. From amateurs, to copyright thieves, copycats, and those doing it just for mere entertainment purposes. For me? I’m a real Oracle, and so I always take it very serious. I read the cards according to how heaven has decoded them, instead of the basic meanings out there. Although sometimes they help. But what is going on for us to receive this combination of the major arcana? Let’s have a look.

The Sun appears to help provide abundance in terms of warmth while you find answers, truths, and needs.  Life can be really hard and disappointing. But the idea is…. it doesn’t have to always be that way. In light of this card appearing, it appears to show us that even though sometimes things seem a little difficult and hopeless at times, light will always be shed in the dark, to provide answers and understanding in helping us to know exactly what we need to make things better. The Sun states that we should be prepared for some strong revelations and ideas this week, that can lead toward helping us to take the right steps and make the right choices that will result in an abundance of positive results.

Sometimes, people don’t realize that they actually produce their own results through prepping their path with thoughts first. But, where do those thoughts come from in the first place? The Moon adds to the revelations of The Sun.

Are you thinking to negatively or doubting too much? Are you feeling insecure and down lately, it’s weird it’s reflecting on to your path? You can’t just expect things to go well. You have to think that they will, know that they will. You have to talk about them like they will. However, there have been students of mine that have tried to have that positive outlook and later ended up having something flop on them anyway. They often question why, if they were exercising the right mindset? There are so many factors that play into a person’s pathway being what it’s meant to.  For example; do the people in their life believe in it with them? Do they want it for them? If not, those people could be anchors. is the person really being honest with himself about what they want? Do they have fear? Are they so used to things not working out, that even when they think that they will, there may be a shadow in the subconscious mind that holds an inkling of doubt? That’s why it’s so important for the sun to shine it’s bright rays of light into some of the deepest places within you this week. It’s so that you can figure out the answers to these questions. The answers that you find, will help you to know what you need to do next in order to start manifesting all of the right things.

That brings us to the next card.

Sometimes it is the hardest thing in a persons life to do, to release things that are toxic, unhealthy or holding them back. this could be a number of different things such as habits, routine, people, thoughts, feelings or even an entire way of life in general. Perhaps maybe it’s time to have some realizations in regards to what needs to be really changed. A lot of people think they know, then make some small changes thinking that that’s going to be it, but it really isn’t. There’s so much more needed. Maybe just a total reinvention of yourself and your life? A new start that leads to such a positive place, that all of your dreams start to come true. Or it could be as simple as just having to confront a few things like eliminating a bad habit or fear. Or on a major level, maybe it is time to endure the crushing heartache of having to walk away from someone that brings a lot of negativity into your life. A lot of people stay with individuals that bring them negativity or abuse. But the idea of it is, is that first do you want to do is to try to work through things with counseling or talking it out in regards to how you feel the right way. It can actually really help things along. But you have to know how to communicate. Most people don’t communicate the right way and that’s why things turned into arguments, jumping to conclusions, making assumptions, and then that can lead to even worse arguments in the long run. But if you do talk about things correctly, and things still don’t change? Perhaps maybe it is time to start planning an exit.

Altogether though, this card is talking about your own manifestations. And they can be deep. There are so many things about a person that they do not realize about themselves, but many other people can see. Even when being told, they may go into denial or get defensive. That’s why it’s hard for people to change. I think the subject has come up before, but since it has again… it’s the universes’ way of trying to tell you that maybe you didn’t get it right the first time. Maybe…not even on the second.

That’s OK. Life is about experience and change. And while you may have changed in a lot of ways, there are more than likely some that you haven’t changed in yet. Those may be the exact things that you still need to change, in order to grow and perhaps you just have not realized it yet..

The conclusion: The Moon acts as a surface for The Sun to bounce off of. Yes! The Moon is a dense solid surface just as it may be with some of the negative things in your life. But even without realizing some things at first, once the sun reflects off of that darker surface, you’ll start to find a great treasure. And what that is, is that some of the things that create problems in your life will start to become more apparent. That gives you the perfect opportunity to change your direction and to remodel yourself, your course, or your entire life if needed. That can bring such wonderful changes that could potentially make dreams come true, lead you towards new healthy relationships, a new found love and confidence in yourself, and even a great connection with heaven. Yes, rainbows are born from Sunny rays bouncing off of denser surfaces into reflections! And rainbows lead to not only treasure but brand new beginnings. 

This week, there will be a lot of thinking, and revelations that come easily to you in needed areas of life where you have been held back the most. Also, this week we are looking at promise. There may be some opportunities that pop up that you really have to use your awareness greatly in order to recognize, that may actually bring you some new business, expanding one that you have already, or opportunity for promotion at your work. Not right away though. Those things will appear but the results may be at a distance still.

For those that don’t have jobs but want one, finding one won’t be too difficult. There will come a job that you apply to, that you will at first think that you did not get, because you will not hear anything from the place right away. Also some of the opportunities that you reach for may not produce any results exactly during this week. But the opportunities will come up this week, themselves. Yes it is promising. We have to keep that outlook. Even though things don’t manifest entirely for you when things pop up, you have to have a great hope in your heart that they will. 

We have a lot of retrogrades coming up, as well as ones that are happening already. This may be messing with your mind a bit. You may be fluctuating back-and-forth between your moods, and negative and positive thinking. You may even read into other people to negatively, where as you should be looking at things more positively in order to form better relationships. Remember that when the rainbow appears at the end of it all, that people can only see it from a certain angle. Imagine walking down the street, looking up in the sky. Later, you check social media and there were people posting pictures of some rainbow in the same town. But you didn’t get a glimpse?!

How so, if you live in the same town? Because of the angle! That’s right! Its all about perspective. Coming from the wrong angle or perspective, you’re not gonna get any of this. You have to keep your mind open, your heart willing, and your dreams always in front of you with faith in tact. Things are gonna work out.

Take advantage of the opportunities and the reflections both, that come up this week. Opportunities can also come disguised as new ideas that you come up with. Please make sure that they are of your own creation? There are so many people out there trying to replicate others and doing the same things. Maybe that’s another reason why things aren’t working out for many people. Like I said in one of my courses, if you put 10 mechanics in a room with three people, the one person that has the most experience and is liked more so than everybody else, is going to get selected for the job first. And then, the odds are that the other two people are going to follow the person that did the selecting first while choosing the same mechanic. It’s all expertise. It’s also about influence and popular opinion.

What’s going to happen to the other nine mechanics? Well, they’re going to be without business. So the idea of it is, is to be unique and original always. That’s what people look for. Without it, people are not going to show much interest. Come up with your own path or get a reading to find out your path or purpose if you don’t know it already. Or maybe you are unsure still if it’s right? If you find that you’re not content with your purpose, compromise with your higher self a bit. There are always creative ways to work around it. The idea is not to give up.

But in the meantime, as you are working on yourself, make sure that you don’t have anything getting in your way that could be detrimental to your growth. Again, many people fail to even recognize what those things may be, on an ego level or even on their own shadow level too. Besides karma, these blockages can totally keep you in a repetitive cycle going around and around. You may experience small changes but for every two steps forward, you may take another three steps back. Getting guidance can help.

Try Pathwork Step One, or The Book of Life from my site, for deep insight as to what to see, change and then do. The Earth Angel Oracle reading is incredible too! I also recommend the “Path to The Fates” reading if you want to know how things are going to end up for you, going in one direction or the other. Others are the “Shadow Self” or the “Subconscious Dig” sessions. please be sure that you are ready though. Being told things that sit very deep within yourself that may not be the most positive, can sometimes trigger people. If I find that the reading isn’t going to work for you I will probably just refund you kindly. I have so many options for people to really grow from. Growth that leads to joy, is my main goal and desire for you. I do like to recommend that you try to bond with me a little bit after the readings though. It’s good to have a support system to back you up as well as having insight.

Take advantage of the clarity this week.

Lastly, we have to keep in mind that a pot of gold only becomes full, when it’s added to. You may want riches, recognition, true love, and good looks. Or maybe you are like me and are very humble, finding contentment in just having Gods presence, a happy average family, a small little home, and maybe a few adventures here or there. Whatever the case may be, there’s nothing in the universe thats just going to drop your dreams right into your lap. The sun will shine its light on different ways that you can obtain yours, but the moon will always get you to question why you want the things that you do. The devil, will always reveal some part of yourself that’s responsible for wanting them for the wrong reasons too. That pot of gold has to be filled with real gold , not fool’s gold. So don’t go fooling yourself. You have no idea how many people say that they want something for all of the right reasons, but have some hidden agenda underneath of the surface. One that they won’t even admit to they themselves. Keep it real. Try to work on what causes you to want things for the wrong reasons in the first place. And don’t forget to give back to the universe with real intentions, coming from a pure place within. Heaven always rewards those that are pure at heart. 

Also, give back with charity and time. That can be greatly beneficial for manifestation. Many people expect so many things, but they don’t realize that in order to receive, they have to also give. Ask yourself also, could the devil card represent some level of hanging onto things too much in your life, that you’re not giving back out of fear that you could lose out. Therefore, it makes you hang on to what you have already, too tightly? This is the wrong mindset. Nothing is forever anyhow. If you give and give, the universe will too.

Thank you so much for taking the time out to read the weekly reading. I hope that you enjoy the wisdom and proverbial sayings. If you want to know more about yourself, your life purpose or pathway, or any of the things discussed within this weekly wisdom, please head on over to the website and book a session. I’m positive you won’t be disappointed. Good luck, and may the universe smile down upon with you great abundance.

When Rx isn’t a prescription: Retrogrades of 2020

Mercury getting ready to turn retrograde upcoming on the 16th of February this month. Communications are going to be off and you are going to feel quite sensitive to things that many people say. Much doubt and uncertainty will rise to the surface since life experience makes you question others now. with that in mind, you may even begin feeling the effects of this as early on as the 10th. Mercury is really hyped up in regards to its retrograde cycle every year. But it is not the only planet that plays a significant role in what people are feeling like or how they interact with others. Try to stay positive. If you’re having sensitivity or reading into things the wrong way, thinking that others are coming off negatively or deceptively, maybe just give yourself a little time to step back away from them so as not to allow this energy to ruin friendships through negative communications. this will last until March 9 so you have a few weeks of feeling really uneasy with others while communicating with them, especially if your Astrological sign is associated with Aquarius or Pisces which Mercury goes retrograde while so closely around those two zodiacs. it will return in June after this so you have plenty of time before Mercury’s friendship ruining properties come back.

You are also going to want to keep in mind that mercury isn’t just about communication. It has a lot to do with your spiritual pathway because Mercury links with any and all “messaging”. It also includes any flashes of insight that come in as messages within yourself. Because it’s retrograde, these messages may be full of doubts or questioning, even mistrust. Don’t give into it. You may feel very “as a matter of fact”, and frustrated very easily when others are explaining things to you, really wanting people to just get to the simple points. Show that you have more strength and Mercury’s direct course rather than allowing it to have power over you negatively and it’s retrograde. The reason why is because it goes back to the saying of not allowing others to have power over you or rent too much space in your mind. This is great practice here in trying to ward off that same thing happening, but only on a larger scale because because of this planet.  because Mercury is very strong energy but associated with gas elements, you may be feeling a little hotheaded lately. Be easy on yourself and others.

I have only a couple of people that I consider to be a “best friend”. I have to say that my one best friend can sure be a little stubborn. I truly love her! But if she had not been the stubborn person that she was at times, she probably would not be the fierce personality that she is today. I actually admire it, because she always sticks to her guns. But it does not change the fact that Mercury really upgrades that stubbornness, and she can be a force to contend with during that time. Super sensitive people Will take the Mercury retrograde phase, very differently. Some may get very irritable and just really not do well with communicating with others, in terms of getting snappy or impatient with them. Then there are others who feel very hurt very easily. Those who are hurt very easily, are the ones that basically take everything that everybody says personally during this phase. Especially, when it comes to texting. Anybody can take anything in anyway when you are texting, commenting, or posting. And those who are affected by the Mercury rx sensitively in this way, will probably have more feelings hurt online… then when actually speaking to somebody. then there are also some who read into things people say or communicate, to feel paranoid or threatened. I mean there are so many different ways of this energy can be interpreted by people and that’s why I always recommend getting a personal report. It really helps you understand yourself since this phase comes at times more than once a year.

Unfortunately we have it happening three times this year, right now into March, again in June, and then lastly in October. Very sensitive times, and in the zodiacs in which mercury will be RX in, it affects all different areas of oneself. Right now our mercury is going RX in Pisces which really brings all of her sensitivity, feeling hurt very easily, feeling paranoid over communications in relationships with people, insecurities within one’s self and ability. It is very hard to work through such a sensitive sign like Pisces let alone have mercury hype it up.

In June you are looking at it being in the sign of cancer which again is another sensitivity Cein. But this is more relatable to home. It’ll be a really great summer as was predicted in my yearly forecast but there are going to be a lot of things happening in the world which may cause people who are sensitive to these things already, to feel even more deeply about it. Relationships with family will also be evaluated and you may feel at times like you just have to get away from home but when you leave, something just pulls you right back.

Mercury goes into our acts in October in Scorpio and libra which is just probably one of the most confusing cycles by itself. This is going to hype up the ego a lot. People will be acting as if they have all the answers and all the power. Old situations from the past will arise that everyone will have to confront and then things will start to feel greatly unbalanced. It’ll feel like your schedule is out of whack and you can’t get anything done. Then you’ll start to feel insecure about the fact that you are again having delays and setbacks in your goals. People don’t realize how important it is to map out your life path, with a few things in mind. 

True spiritual heart will want to know everything that they need to to make that life path work out the best that it can. That means working again suppositions and forces such as Celestial energies and matrix energies. I have a reading called The Strongest Point, on my website. I always just working with your spirit team and then an astrological report specifically highlighting points throughout the year that will be good and negative for you to work through. This way you’re not only have the best adviser luck coming from your spiritual team, but you also know what forces to avoid that could prevent you from growth. But yes the retrograde cycle coming in October is going to leave you all over the place, running back-and-forth to get things done… but things will never seem to really be complete. You may even run into some old enemies that you have to squash some old beef with.

Some of the longer retrograde cycles that we have coming up or from Pluto and Saturn. Pluto will be RX all the way from April up until  October. Poor October! I was wondering why October seems so gloomy when I did the yearly forecast LOL. Nevertheless with Pluto going RX throughout that very long time., You are going to do a lot of inner questioning it it’s going to make you wonder whether you spent the last year pursuing the right things or not. And rightly so because a lot of people did fall off of their spiritual pathway last year.  I have a lot of people that say that they support me and that they’re on the same path as far as wanting righteousness and goodness in the world. But then I see them post things that are counter active to what I represent. I catch on very quickly. But those will be the same people that question whether they represented themselves in the right perspective or not, or if they actually proved a lot of people right in their original thoughts of them.

Next, we have Saturns RX cycle from May up until September. This will end on September 28th which luckily is a few days after my baby girl’s birthday. And I say that, because I know she’s a little force to reckon with herself and her rising sign is in Capricorn, Saturn’s representative. She has her birth father’s Sun Sign but her rising sign is mine, Capricorn. A bit of both! It’s rough when Capricorn’s butt heads. Even with a baby! This energy is going make you feel a little less motivated and hopeless in your endeavors. It is an illusion. Don’t fall into it. Once you start feeling like that, pick yourself right up by telling yourself positive affirmations.  that is the deception of retrograde sadder and as you also have some of Pluto is a fax as well. It’s making you think that you’ll never get anywhere. And that you’re simply not good enough. But we know that that’s not true. Yes these energies can certainly hold people back from growth by limiting them. The matrix is a very strong reality complex. Because of that these limitations are all around us energetically. Anything can be influenced to challenge us deliberately. But the power lives within you. How can something affect you if you don’t believe it? It can’t entirely. The only reason why you can’t affect you even a little bit still, is because you do live here and you are programmed by DNA, to be affected and to view the world around you both, just like everybody else. If you haven’t transcended or “unplugged” for a better term, then you will definitely experience the downside of the retrogrades. I offer courses and spiritual mentoring to help people “unplug” so to speak. Until then just do the best that you can try to see the positive in yourself, even in times when it doesn’t seem to be there. It is. It just may be cloaked in the illusions of the matrix energies.

From May to June, you will experience Venus and it’s RX cycle. This is going to get you to question your self-esteem, insecurities that you have in relationships, and the relationships themselves. You may feel a little vulnerable and even journey a little bit outside of your relationship to try to find yourself. Be careful not to hurt anyone. It’ll definitely be a time when you may want to try the astrological makeover reading that I have, because it could really boost your spirits and your confidence during a time when it may be at its lowest.

Continuing onword from May and September yet, we also have a Jupiters RX cycle to. This may be a point in time when your finances are a little tough. School and continuing education will be a priority for sure as you will want to get further.

Neptune also throws a small blow from June until November. Naturally, I detected this as being a time where people would feel a little depressed and unmotivated as that will be a reoccurring theme throughout this year just because of the way things are in the world and in the matrix. It’s just the tribulation and everyone’s going through global depression. Whether that affects you or not it’s up to you. You have the power inside of yourself to get out of it. But with Neptunes fears energy, it is pretty hi in chances that you may start feeling like you need some way to cope and escape from everything. The worst thing you can do is withdrawal and isolate. You want to be around other people, but you have to know how to interact with other people and to not allow them to bother you so much. In this world it’s like one large family. Different personalities are going to be a part of that family. People come off the way that they like. We can’t control how people are even is in our heart we know that there is a better way to be. The best thing is acceptance. Say around other people so that you can feel supported. We have two groups on Facebook that I mentioned a lot but yet not a lot of people join them. I think it’s because it used to be very focused and centered upon my teachings. Now I’m just opening it up to anyone who just wants to be a part of it all. Nobody has to help in promotions for me. It’s nice to get re-shared and likes yes, but I am open to hearing your thoughts. One is called Exploring Angels. It would be nice if you would join there. It’s an open group. There’s no one leader. And everybody’s free to post as they wish. as long as it’s not promotional. That will help. It’s better than turning to drugs or alcohol or ours an hours of television and slipping away from everything you’ve worked hard to build in your life. Yes the world has changed and so have all of us. But with these retrograde cycles, we can show the inner power that we have at last, but rising above it. Let’s create a whole new grid and collective, through positivity and strength!

The planet Uranus goes RX from August all the way up until January. This is a very strong energy as well because it gets you to kind of check your own drive and ambition behind the things that you do, and say. Is it ego-based? Could you finally be a part of the new age in the way that it was meant to? This new age was supposed to be about philosophy, philanthropy, Open mindedness and love. The sharing of ideas through magic and intrigue. But it is run by the great magician, Uriel. Manny see him as being a design angel of purity and perfection. But that is only in Christianity. As he is known in the spiritual world, he is a no or of all things especially, the manipulation of energies and the calling upon forces. You have to be sure that you’re not using your ego when you’re calling upon those forces. Are you working hard at something to compete with somebody else? Do the things that you say counter act another person or reflect them? Is the goal that you are working towards truly because deep down inside it is your greatest dream? Or is it because you just feel entitled to it? They’re all things to think about when it comes to Uranus in retro.

Last but not least, Mars! From September through November which is just a short period of time, you can expect to get extremely defensive. This is a Warriors energy and it is retro in Aries. Therefore, you’re gonna have a lot of extreme sensitivity. This is another time that people may want to withdraw from too much communication. You don’t wanna isolate totally from it, but maybe just pull back a little so as not to take a chance at being hurt or jumping on top of somebody else through conclusions or assumptions that you make in conversation. Honestly, I actually lost a long-term student and friend during this particular type of cycle. People don’t realize that they may read a persons words with attitude or personality, that isn’t real. It may just be a projection inside of them self or if they’ve never met the person physically or spoken to them on the phone, they may not know them well enough to even come to some conclusion as to that person’s moods, emotions or the way that they project themselves. Therefore, a person who is reading something that someone has messaged, may take it in anyway that they’re actually feeling a viewing that person deep down inside. And it may be that they want to see the person in that light, or maybe they’re just having a bad phase energetically to where they misinterpret a lot of things. Usually it’s karmic. Anyone who missed somebody the wrong way and it is usually working out some karma inside of them selves as a result of perhaps maybe not rising above the ego in past life times and bringing some of that into their spiritual journey now. It could also be that maybe they’re not being open minded enough to perceive another person from that person’s actual real personality or perspective. People that are sometimes so isolated within themselves project themselves and to everything. Nevertheless this created a fiery energy between me and the individual. My fire was out of love, and passionate concern for the individual. Their fire was that they had a little bit of an underlying competitive streak and that they did not transcend their ego just yet as they were still working on it. Therefore, being told anything in teaching them to see from a different perspective, offended them instead. only an ego can still look at things as in to say, “how dare you tell me”. And if there is some underlying issue that they have with the person deep down inside personally already, that trigger is enough to send them into a spiral of ongoing hatred and content. And that’s exactly what happened. It turned a small little conversation that was misunderstood into making two people that wants had a great deal of love for one another, into enemies. Well maybe on their end. I don’t see myself having enemies because even those that have wronged me I still love and would openly embrace if they could talk things out with me. But still the Mars retrograde cycle is dangerous enough by itself in any sign. But when it goes into it’s in sign is Aries that it represents, and then it’s downright touchy and it can get ugly if it’s not managed the right way.

Many people make a huge deal out of mercury’s RX cycle. I did write an article not long ago explaining how all of the planetary energies are just as equally important as our their phases. But mercury’s popularity came from the fact that it is greatly associatedWith hermeticism which is a huge philosophy you’re in the new age of Aquarius. Although I have other things that I could teach you about this age, I won’t. It’s gotten me in enough trouble LOL. But for now let’s just say that while we’re in this so-called age of Aquarius, Mercury represents the hermetic system that is so greatly popularize and trending today. Saturn is a natural ruler of Aquarius as is Uranus. And that is why we have seen a lot of references this day in age to archangel Uriel (Uriel, Magician), Raphael aka Hermès (Magic in Hermeticism), and Metatron (Affiliated with Saturn’s poles in the symbol of the Star tetrahedron which is magical). So as you can see a lot of it is just promotional for this day and age which is why a lot of it is popularized. I love the Angels, the heavens, and magic yes. And I have referenced all of the angels, not really representing any one of them specifically although I have given glory to the one and only remaining reigning son Michael, and Metatron both, because they have so much utterly to do with everything! But you do have to realize, that you can be your own person too. Actually being different is really beautiful and it separates you and makes you stand out from everybody else. Why just be another white pawn or black pawn on the chessboard when you can actually be a whole other color that enters the game?

Anyhow just be aware of these energies and protect yourself. Be as positive as he Canby. If you feel lost, there’s always opportunity for motivation if you seek it. I am always here for anyone and I do have a lot of readings to help you to transcend and grow. But in the meantime, I wish you the very best of luck as you make your way throughout the year! My goodness though! And I thought Rx was a prescription to make something that was ill better? I suppose in this case it’s the opposite!

Short but Amazing- Part One: The Wish and The Duel

It’s been true that there has been some negative energies in the world lately that many people have been affected by. However, I always try to stay positive and find hope. So yesterday we thought that we would bring back some nostalgia, and travel to new hope Pennsylvania that we used to visit, with my father. It’s been four months since he’s been deceased and instead of grieving, we choose to celebrate moments of his life. My father used to belong to the Vietnam veterans motorcycle club in which he did a ton of charity work through. New Hope was a place that they frequently visited to grab a couple of drinks and relax after riding. On the weekends, he used to take my mother and I…or one of us individually depending upon whether he had the motorcycle or not. If he had the bike only one of us would go with him. I used to love sitting on the back of his bike going super fast and even stood up one time with my arms outstretched, imagining I were an eagle flying quickly through the sky. It became such a tradition, that my father started taking the children along in the car with us once they came along. I mean we have been doing this tradition since I was about 15 years old. Everyone knows my father was a former mystic and he used to love going through the witchcraft shops out there. He even bought me a dragon crystal pendant once but I couldn’t wear it because it didn’t represent the angelic realm. Nevertheless, we went there back in 2016 again all of us as a family. That was the last time that we all went together. We had mentioned wanting to go again all of us throughout the last few years, but with his health deteriorating… He just never made it.

New Hope, Pennsylvania,
Amber, Noah and Adree preparing for our wish launch.

New Hope, Pennsylvania
Spot where my quarter landed.

So now we are starting a new tradition of our own, and going all of us out there together ourselves. It being the first time that we’ve gone back since we had gone with him, it was a little emotional but we had a fantastic time. It was really amazing because I really wanted to make a wish in the river, as my father showed me how to do many years ago. Every time we went up there, we would throw a quarter off into the river and make a wish. Nothing significant ever happened at those times, but some of my wishes did come true at different points of time later. so there we were all armed and ready with her quarters. It was me, Amber, Noah, Jonathan and Adriel. I held a quarter with so much positivity and hope in my heart and I wish for six individual things all at the same time. Of course the wish was not just for myself, but for everyone including my online friends. The kids had thrown their quarters already, but I just had this overwhelming beaming light of energy in my heart center. It just felt good at that moment. So after wishing for my six requests, (I mean hey I did put in 25 cents that’s worth six wishes LOL) I threw the quarter into the river in the same spot that I have been throwing it, for almost over 15 years now. As it hit the water, the quarter skipped across six individual times, and before it sunk… it’s last skip landed it standing on its side upright, spinning six times too before going under the water. There wasn’t any ice, and it wasn’t a hard surface. Everybody else’s quarters had gone right under. I admit I was astounded. I laughed in shock and stared into the spot for a couple of minutes my eyes bright and a smile on my face. That was really a great divine sign that most of my wishes were more than likely going to come true and some. It was really a great day.

We walked around for a little bit revisiting some of the shops that my dad had shown us and we even stopped for a bite to eat and some hot chocolate. It was a little bit cold, but it was nice because they had some heat lamps outside at different locations and even a few fire pits to stop at to warm up by. I really enjoy the energy of the area in Bucks County Pennsylvania. It is said that there’s a lot of paranormal activity as well as UFO sightings. You should check it out sometime. I think the only thing that really stunk about the trip was that one of my clients and friends had already been there earlier on in the day and I had just missed her! Meeting her would’ve probably topped off the whole experience.

Later on though, something pretty spooky happened. Stayed tuned for part two coming soon! I still think it was pretty supernatural how the quarter landed, skipped and spun in the water. That’s not something that you see happen very often nor are the chances very great for that. And the fact that it coincided with the number six, which was the same amount of wishes that I had made… Was even more amazing. Have you had any really cool experiences like that?

Psychic Forecast 2020

Welcome to the forecast for the new year of 2020. I’ll try to make it short and sweet so you don’t have a whole lot to read.


We start out at the month of January being about getting things back into gear. Getting us back into the swing of things, there are a lot of things to balance and prioritize in order to make the path a little smoother, going forward. There are a lot of things to think about and a lot of decisions to be made in regards to life purposes, new marriages to come, relationships, finances and continuing education or careers. It won’t be easy in trying to figure out what’s the most important step or which part of your life is needing the most attention but, it’s a good start to begin evaluating and then putting things in order. Eliminating things that you don’t really need to do, and spending more times on the things that you do, can help you really get far. January is a month of going back into the past to evaluate life lessons, that can be used in the future. You will find that you will also have to sift through your friendships and connections a little bit too, in weighing out the skills of judgment so to speak… In terms of who your real friends are and who they aren’t. This will help you to keep your focus on the right people, and then not give so much attention and focus into the -ones. It’s likewise for things that you should be focusing on as far as motivational tools as well. Like how much time will you spend on the Internet on social media versus actually getting out there and doing something with yourself? That’s the energy we have for January. You may feel some pressure but if you hang in there it’ll pass. Emotions will run high and some of them will run low. That means that you may have moments of depression and moments of happiness and you will have to teach yourself how to get yourself out of the lower state of mind. It’s not healthy to continue on in a depression.


You can bet on February being all about power struggles in your life. As you’re trying to get things in balance and figure them through, there’s always a test of sorts that comes in and tries to shake things up a bit to see how strong you are within. Also you’re going to want to figure out not only whom you want to invest your time into, but who invest most time into you? February will challenge you to look for the people in your life that use you. If that’s the case, you need to remove these toxic people immediately. While it’s hard to let go, it may be important to consider it, when it comes to people that don’t have your best interest at heart. Also you’re going to question yourself as to how much you’re actually giving back as well. We’re doing a motivational in my group in volunteering many places. It’s a group effort but it keeps everybody going so that we can give back this is equally. It is a beautiful thing, because if you don’t give back, then you’re going to stop receiving from the heavens. It has to be an even exchange. But yes, look for the people that use you or propose power struggles. It’s time to end with these useless cycles and anchors that hold you back. Give back to the universe in good deeds and you will see tons of positivity.

There may be some surprise births in February and March!


The month of March will be full of questions and doubts in regards to your path in general. Everybody goes through this every now and so often, in order to re-check whether they’re on the right track. It’s totally normal. Just don’t let yourself get stuck in the thoughts of doubt. There will also be some women who go through fertility issues during the month of March, as well as men. It is if you haven’t already given birth! As I said, there will be some surprises for a lot of women during that month in regards to either being too fertile or not fertile enough. You may also find that finances are a little short as opportunities will be running thin. March is the month to relax before the abundance comes in spring.


The month of April makes you reflect back on March, where things weren’t going so well. What did you do in that timeframe? Did you slip up on things you should’ve probably followed through with? Did you allow the energies to bother you enough that you slacked off? You may feel some regret over not having taken initiative like you should have. But that’s OK because as you’re going through the month of April looking back on small mistakes, you will go into the next month knowing exactly what you did wrong and what not to repeat the following month after. There may also be a missed opportunity and an altercation. Be aware to not allow yourself to be confrontational in the months of March and April. You may be feeling a little touchy around that time because there is a global depression that’s making everyone feel like they’re losing out, rather than gaining. This is also something you have to watch out for when it comes to psychological warfare. This plays into a persons spirit because their consciousness is their soul, and any thoughts that run through it, affect them spiritually as well. This is why it is so essential to remain positive even during times when you are in great questioning or struggle. For that month, you will be feeling as if it is a little hopeless to continue on at times, where you have to break that train of thought and get back on track using April’s energy in Aries, the Martian warrior.. so that you can have the warrior spirit to battle forward.


Yes! Things start to really look up around May. If you were able to find your way through the lower vibrational energy is of March and April, come May you’ll find that all of your efforts through fighting on, pay off. Financial abundance, more opportunities, promotions, inheritance, winnings and windfall profits will all be different things look forward to. It’ll also be a great time for family and traveling together. You especially want to center your attention or toward the older matriarchal and patriarchal figures and your family in the month of May as well, for their insight. They’ve been around a long time and so they can see things that others don’t. Just because they’re not hip to this day and age doesn’t mean that they don’t have potential to be helpful to your life path. This is a fantastic start to spring as many will find that things start to pick up speed for them.

Since there were so many holdups over the last couple of months, May is a wonderful time to start planting seeds that can grow. It is springtime after all, and also the start of the angelic year. you can really come up with some creative ideas at that time through being around family and allowing them to inspire you. It’s a wonderful time to start focusing on how you will leave your mark in the world. Abundance, family life, growth and results, new ideas, celebrations and a need to bond together. That’s what May is all about. I will also be hosting a live lecture out here in New Jersey sometime in May if anybody wants to come, it is free.


After all of the hard work of planting seeds for what you hope to manifest throughout the summer, you may run into some small conflicts. But it’s not going to be of any significance because they are just minor tests and obstacles to see if you can still hold your ground through hanging onto your dreams. You may notice that June brings an air of ignorance to people out in society too. People may get under your skin and you may find that you’re not really feeling all that social even though summer is just around the corner. I also find that the heavier winter months of the dead zone and early spring time will have made you a bit stir crazy. The end generation is getting worse every day. More and more people are succumbing to ordering things from online, and trying to stay inside away from the outside pressures of corrupt society. However, it’s not healthy to always remain so isolated. And that’s what many have done. June brings an air of frustration, built-up energy, that needs to be released. Planning a trip or some fun get together away, may be just what’s needed. There’s a lot of competition out there. In truth I myself can tell you that once I come up with an idea and I launch it, there are so many others to jump on the bandwagon, replicating my creative inspiring ideas. Then suddenly there’s so many people doing the same thing that none of us benefit. You’re going to find a lot of that happening in your life too. This may make you feel hopeless in terms of your passions and your inventions. Be careful not to share your ideas with others until you are ready to put them out there in the public. It seems that we live in a world that resembles something like Star Wars attack of the clones. When you get out there more and more, have faith in what your building. Don’t let others bring you down. Even when you feel as though people are throwing jabs at you or making you uncomfortable and things that they say because you’re on a different wavelength, stay strong. June is a month to show endurance and strength through fighting for what’s right fully yours, what you believe in, and anything that may manifest from all of that. June will also bring some small confrontations and arguments as relationships that you have decided to keep around from earlier months of cleaning out your life…are tested. they even notice that people you have cut off, try to pop up again. Hold your ground. Know the cycles. If a person has used you, abused you, sucked you dry, time and time again, then it’s more than likely that this is not going to change and you’re just wasting your time. You have far more important things to invest your time into. Conserve the positive relationships that you decided to keep instead I’m a put more passionate love and energy into making those connections stronger. There’s nothing like having a strong reinforced network around you.


It’s hard. We cannot deny that. Life has so many ups and downs and nowadays, those downs are far stronger in their impact than the ups. As you have spent the spring months planning and organizing, and then June for actually putting things into manifestation… You’ll find that July finally brings a time where you just want to get away from it all. You’re going to want to just take some time off away from people, the same old environment that you stay in day-to-day, and you may want to just retreat into your own comfort zone. Since summer will be present, you may find yourself getting distracted from your goals again. Wanting to spend time having fun, and participating in the activities of many around you, you may get off track with responsibilities. That’s OK. You may actually need a break. But the truth is, life gives us no breaks. Take some time, go out and party, have a good time… But always make time to stay on top of your goals and responsibilities as well. Find balance. You may also find that your emotions are running pretty strongly around July. We have some epic astrological events coming up this year that will have an impact that lasts the entire year itself. That is, if you allow yourself to be controlled by the matrix. If you went by your angelic astrology instead and started to free your mind from the confinement’s of this world, those things would be less applicable to you, because let’s face it….how can something affect you that you no longer recognize? When you start opening up to a whole new way of life and learn how to use tools that unplug you from the system so to speak, the things that are used to control you in the system, no longer apply. It’s a new age! So allow yourself to thrive in that new age, and rise above it. You can be anything you want to be if you really truly believe, and you don’t allow yourself to be pulled back by the obstructions of the lower forces around you, even the ones that are unseen. So yes, take some time off and re-balance, and don’t give up on your goals. Nothing is hopeless, and there are so many things that people think they can’t fix but are fixable. You may need some help or advising. If not, just make sure to take some time for yourself and don’t allow the sensitivities to bring you down. July is the time for you to start planning the trip that you’ve been wanting to take.

I will go into world predictions for the year and another forecast since it is of a different level of insight.


It’s all about movement for August. Perhaps you get to go on a journey and the one that you’ve planned in the months prior. Or it could be symbolic in a sense that things really start to take off for you in terms of achieving your goals. We’re getting ready to head into September which is a month for many people in going back to school or furthering their education. That is a form of movement is it not? Moving forward in knowledge and accelerating yourself into having wisdom is a great way to journey ahead in your life. Your body can go anywhere, but it is your mind that is limitless. Perhaps looking into broadening your education in terms of deeper mystical secrets, taking up a trade or profession, or even expanding on the one that you have… Those are really great goals for the upcoming fall. August though, promises that we will have enough time to balance out the forces that have tried to test us over the summer months. It will also question us as to whether everything is in order as it should be, or if there are other things that we need to pay attention to. We are embarking on a time in August where we need to really exercise self-discipline and shed some of the fun and lighter energies that we experience here and there in the summer, to really focus on applying direction towards our pathway. Many will want to look for a new job, go back to school, or expand maybe on a side career.Others, will need to sit down and really have a good strategy for any plans that they have regarding owning their own business or enhancing their profession. It’s a competitive world no matter what area of expertise you are in. August will be a great time to focus on how you are going to really advance yourself and the upcoming months ahead for autumn. Autumn is a time where people truly desire to be busy with the more technical portions of life because summer is over it’s not quite winter yet. Self-discipline comes in terms of how you act, your interactions with others and bypassing impulses. August makes you question yourself on so many levels, because self-discipline in all areas of life means balance. The upside down pentagram represents man out of balance and if you notice that symbol is everywhere. This is a huge red flag that we have global agenda and it is socially conditioning people to degrade down toward their more animal aspect of self. Don’t allow that to happen to you. Instead, rise above your elements and exceed in all that you are and who you desire to be. August brings movement and control, spiritually, intellectually, professionally, and physically.

By the angels, August gets you to focus on these things but in the background there are forces also traveling our way, no matter where it is that you are. September will bring some of those up to the surface.

Who can stop the fire?


September is going to bring some unfavorable conditions. Like O said, the world predictions… I’ll make later, and I will go into these a little bit further just prior to their happening but I will leave enough time for people to have time for preparation. Nonetheless, it’s imperative for you to focus on other things and to try to stay more positive, this is a month for you to enjoy going back to school, or even finding new creative, inspiring things  about the work that you’re already involved in. What’s more is that for mothers and stay at home fathers, your kids are going back to school. This gives you so much time to be able to sit back and enjoy doing some personal things for yourself. Hitting the gym, getting your body back into structure, dieting. September provides the time and space for adults to do those things. Younger kids in college or school may also want to focus on excelling in their schoolwork but also keeping themselves healthy. It seems that September is all about health and fitness. but it’s also about exceeding your own limitations when it comes to challenging yourself in your area of professional education. September may not have a whole lot of exciting things going on,But sometimes you have to go out and create the fun. If you follow me on social media you will find a lot of creative ideas that I’ll be putting out there for everybody to try. Please feel free to jump in and share your ideas as well. We have two groups on Facebook. One of them is The Truthian Circle. While that group is more centered around my mystical teachings, we do have a great dynamic in friendship there. However, it is more of a secret society-like based group, so I think many of you will enjoy the other group that I have which is a little bit more open. It’s called Exploring Angels.  It’s a great group because we talk about heaven, angels and spirituality pretty openly. But I will also share some pretty cool ideas in there as well. You can also join me on my Facebook profile page or on Instagram for more details. There will be contests, different themes and so on, that may take some of the boredom out of your month of September.

September is going to be a month where many need to be prepared for whether disasters.. it’s true. All throughout the year really! But it doesn’t mean to give up or stop trying to find passion in living. September brings a great need for you to keep that passion going to. During September you will find that maybe some of your relationships aren’t working out that well. You may seem uninterested or maybe your partner is. Family seems to withdraw and isolate all over again. You’ll also find that you’re the only one really working hard towards keeping things going. Those efforts may be deterred from feeling as if you’re doing it all for nothing, if there’s no cooperation. Don’t allow anyone or anything to bring you down. Keep trying. Your influence does pay off in the long run, even if not at the time that you hope for it too. Make life exciting for yourself. September is going to be a boring month but it’s a month to focus on health and fitness as well as planning things for the upcoming holiday season. It also marks the end of the year celebration for the angelic year, which can be a great deal of fun. There may be some delays in your growth, but don’t lose faith.


I really hate to do this but I’m an honest reader and I’m not going to sugarcoat things. October is going to be a very depressing month. Obviously, it brings a time of reflection even if you live in a warmer area. Seems like winter is not really as much as lower temperatures and snow anymore, but more so his state of mind. As the fall has already settled in and winter and it’s dead zone are headed your way, October will bring a lot of reflection work to the surface. With Septembers events and stagnation, you’ll find out that October provides a sense isolation and quiet. This is a month when your sensitivity is going to be at an all-time peak. When we spend more time by ourselves, then things that people say can sometimes hit us the wrong way. You’ll find a lot of sensitivity in your communication with others, but mainly just wanting to keep from communicating with others over all. It’s a moment of withdrawal, introspection and reflection. Make sure you are reflecting the right way. Not much will be going on for October except maybe a few festivals, but your heart will not be into it. Throughout the year with the world predictions that I will put up, there will be a lot of things that will have happened that have changed a lot of us. But where it is aligned with your personal life, September is questioning of your relationships and connections, and the signs that you have received in them that maybe some of them need a spark relit… October will bring you into a place of feeling like you just need a brand new start with brand new people, and a brand new place overall. But how can you make that happen? Finances will be a little unstable coming out of September, but as you get back into the groove of things in picking up your financial foundation, you gonna start thinking of what you wanna do with that besides just spending it on wasteful things. People do a lot of spending when depressed. But you’re going to start wanting to spend your money on investing into yourself, as well as even thinking about moving or starting over, all over again. October will bring a lot of thoughts on how you can bring some more finances back into your home situation.Perhaps if work gets cold or you may want to think of yard sales or different ways to partake in smaller festivals or flea markets, to make money. Maybe sell some of your stuff on eBay? Clean out the clutter. It’ll help you feel better for when you are confined to the house for winter months. In regards to relationships, where some of them seem to be feeling like it’s time for withdrawing, you should try to seek new ways to light that spark back up again before all is lost.


It’s no joke that fall starts to bring an air of melancholy. You’ll start feeling a little bit more of your mystical self again, but there may be some underlying depression behind it. it’s not going to be easy for you to come out of that funk that October brought with it. For some reason October is a darker month for many even though we like to rejoice in the autumn celebrations coming out of September up until the beginning of November. There are a lot of people who celebrate Samhain as well. As soon as the earth starts to shift from the summer solstice into the autumn equinox, between the two solstices, there is always something that is taking place and has been since ancient times. Because of this we see that there are moments of bad luck, broken friendships, and just feelings of being depressed and isolated. It doesn’t have to be that way. I always tell people if you have the right tools, you can fight against anything. And right now we need to fight more than we ever have before. That’s not gonna be easy and while it may be easier just to slip into a worldly way of doing things and let go, there’s gonna be a lot of consequences with that that you may not be able to come out of ever again. I wouldn’t chance it. No matter how hard this year may be with some of the world predictions taking place and other personal elements that are not disclosed in this public reading… You still have to fight onward. November is a month where things will become a little more subtle and you will start to feel some nostalgia coming around the corner. It’s true the nostalgia of things around that time and others, seems to be fading away more and more with generations such as those born in the early 90s and earlier. But for those of us that still feel it… it returns around this time. This is a month of planning ahead for the winter solstice, or other holidays that you celebrate during the holiday season. It’s a time to save up your money because come January, money is going to run a little thin. November will bring a few new faces your way. You will also lose touch with some older ones. Seems like this is the year of exchange. As there will be those who come, and those who go, you’ll find that the one thing that changes the most…is yourself. your financial situation will seem to be a lot better around this time but not for long so make sure that you save up. It’s going to be great, that you have a surprise return of someone special in your life.


As the end of the year comes to a close, December has brought with a whirlwind of change in the months prior. There of been so many new faces, and changing places, in life. 2020 brings with it some disastrous situations out there in the big wide world. But in your own life, the safety zone of your own bubble… Everything mentioned here is what you can basically expect generally. It will probably be some very personal situations for others that they may need to look into separately from this free reading. However, December will be a really fun month. As there were a lot of things that had happened, December will bring with it a little bit of joy and festivity. Finances will be planning for and the relationships that are there, Will be quite rewarding. However it will only be that way if you make it. You can also expect some windfall profit to come in, and a feeling of having a need to reinvent yourself. If you are aware enough, you will notice that there is a general shift in the energies around you in the atmosphere at this time. It is the desert after all. However some of the depression from October may still linger for some people, but for others, they are going to be lost in the nostalgia of new get-togethers and gatherings as well as the holiday season. There will be some out there who fall in love around this time especially.

 The End

Thank you so much for reading the yearly forecast. Again this is just general. You may need some updates for yourself personally and I do suggest life coaching as it is really rewarding when you were being guided through a transformation process. I also offer soul development, if anybody would like to enroll in that there’s a separate page on my website for it. Enjoy the year 2020, for what it’s worth!

Updates February 2020

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Greetings everyone. A copy of this will also be posted on my actual website, for those that may not follow this blog. But for those that do, we have a few updates.

Getting Caught up…

A lot of the readings are now starting to get distributed, as I have been working through the long list of work that is accumulated from September all the way up until now…considering some events that had happened of great importance. In September I had a road trip to attend to. In October, I lost my father. Then the holidays came about.

But now, after getting caught up a bit, I am getting through the orders quite easily, and trying to keep up with getting everybody their services… in a speedy fashion. Many had ordered Akasha records though. Whether it was celestial, earth lifetimes, or future, it’s still requires a great deal of work. So if you were one of those individuals who had ordered one of the Akasha records chapters, please hang in there. I am doing the very best that I can with hundreds upon hundreds of readings in those particular services, while still distributing other ones that are requested daily. I am just one person and doing the best that I can. I am working with great ease though, and getting a lot of them done. So rest assured, your services will be on their way as soon as possible.


 I wanted to add that we will be getting the Indignation course up and running too. There were several people who wanted to enroll. As you all know, with all of the services that I have and my very busy schedule, it’s hard for me to answer questions for the courses for students that are enrolling at different times. The questions become very repetitive instead of more conveniently being able to teach everybody all at once, and having similar questions coming in at the same time. So we did postpone that just to make sure everybody that wanted to be a part of it, could all learn together, and maybe even comment in our group on Facebook as well.

If you weren’t aware already, The Goddess course has been put up on the Truthology Classroom Site. If you were enrolled in that particular course (more like a workshop), you can finish up there. As of right now, there should be just one more lesson getting ready to go up by the end of this week around February 10.

Quicker service offer & Longest Services List

Those of you who don’t have a particular preference, to make your services come faster…. if you could specify in your booking form upon ordering your service that you do not mind a text format for your readings results, I can probably more than likely get your reading to you a lot faster than any others. That is because I am always on the road, or there is a lot of incoming traffic here at the office. I also have a family to attend to as well. It makes it easier if I can do the channeling and then take the readings results on the road with me and send you the results by text format. For those of you that for for audio just stick with that but it may take a little bit of time to get your services to you. Please keep in mind that larger services take more time to arrive go as follows:

1. Any Akasha readings

2. Soul Development reading packages

3. Soul Audits

4. Spiritual Accessments

5. Persons who have ordered more than one basic reading at a time.

This can take 3 weeks or longer.

Delivery time, Life Coaching & Closing

Otherwise, I can get a lot of the services out to everyone at an estimated delivery time of 1-2 weeks if that. With the schedule being as it isn’t trying to accommodate everyone with the services that are so very important to them, I will not be able to be in touch too often. Even life coaching’s are a little difficult to keep up with at this time. Although, I will ensure that life coaching students get what they need, even if the day of the week may be a little inconsistent. Please forgive me.

For Tree of life coaching… just for those enrolling… this coaching is an ego deprogram with a mix of extreme matrix, self, and spiritual awareness, intuition building, and transcendence of the human stages of life that hold a person back toward next level ascension that takes a person to the next level that they should be in, in soul development in connecting with higher self. It helps in adding use of virtues and divine perspective with life purpose chasing tools too. There is confidence and relationship building elements etc. There are four master programs and you’ll begin wherever you are found to be in the Tree, but you need to continue to get to the level level too. Higher self is found at Mercy in the tree and above. I work with your spirit team but personal issues are not addresssed. Instead, upon your homework, tools are given mixed into the coaching for you to use the awareness that you’re learning to know what the tools are on your own realization and use them for problem solving. It’s the most intensive program. And, protected legally in my method. If you aren’t ready, other forms of coaching may be better. If your intentions are not pure or you aren’t serious, it will show in your answers. I may suggest in either case to switch you to another form of coaching. Refunds are not available due to coaching plans being personally custom made.

I also have:

1. Angelic Mentoring- for development of virtues and a balanced self in saintly life.

2. Personal coaching- for personal life like career advice, confidence, friendships, organizing and motivational.

3. Relationship Coaching- to improve any kind of relationship

4. Parenting Coaching- For parenting help

5. Addictions and Recovery- for addiction help or Trauma healing.

6. Extreme motivation- to motivate you to reform your thoughts and life as well as pursue dreams.

I also wanted to make everyone aware that I am closed to rejuvenate. Such extreme work should gain rest. Therefore, I am unavailable Friday’s, and Saturday’s and every other Monday night.

Overnight Energy Services?

From now on, all spells are conducted in the same night that they are ordered. Your confirmations should all be sent to you the day after, for the latest the second day after your purchase. Healings are also done the same way. Although, healings will not be conducted on the days that I am off for my breaks. Therefore, for example..if you order a healing on a Thursday, then you’re probably not going to get a confirmation until that Monday. Unless it is one of the Mondays that we are closed so you will probably hear something Tuesday. I would suggest that if you are ordering any type of healing or spell work and you want a confirmation ASAP, that you order them Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Sundays. Unless you don’t mind waiting.

Project Positivity

This year is a very good year for myself and the Angels helping me, as we are getting to the bottom of the lot of limitations that have held us back in time. With a lot of prophecies being put out there for world events and such through The Angelic Herald, we are going to hold back on some of those for now and focus on some more positive things to take place, to balance things out and get everybody in a good place mentally and emotionally. It is good to be updated and know what’s going on, on a disastrous scale, but you also have to keep awareness of good things too. With that, there are a few different projects that are also underway for this year… to promote and motivate others into doing more positively based things. Please join my group Truthian Circle or Exploring Angels on Facebook to participate, find friends, or exchange knowledge. You can also find me on Instagram but please like and repost for me? Thanks in advance.

Ascension, Soul Development

I would like to remind everybody that I work through a very specific method in my readings and services that help a person to ascend. There are services that go in order with one another, if that is what you are looking for. If you didn’t see the soul development page on my website, please have a look under the “Welcome” page on my navigation menu. However, to make it easier this is order you may want to follow:

1. Soul Reading or Celestial Akasha, and Angelic Birth Chart

2. Life purpose , Tree of Life,

3. Higher self, Spirit team message

4. Book of life

5. Karma Clearing

6. The Works

After these, if you are working towards ascension… you will want to enroll in the courses. I offer a bundle price for them all to help seekers financially. During the courses, you will want an Akasha for memory recall to connect with higher self, as well as working on your trauma or darker attributes with Subconscious Dig and Shadow Self readings. Helping your consciousness to conform to the changes with a DNA Upgrade and Jehovian Seal Removal are essential. After the courses, these services will continue the journey upward:

1. Akasha Purpose

2. Celestial lineage and Soul Parent Message

3. Future insight in the Future Akasha or Path to Fates reading

4. Tree of life coaching to assist in incorporating what you learned into total transcendence.

That’s everything! Then I suggest every few months obtaining an Angel or Spirit Guide Message with an Aura & Chakra clearing combo will be sufficient to maintain but some may need ongoing coaching. Understanding the language of your soul truths unspoken symbolic language, and knowing your higher self are both of great importance but should come naturally throughout the process itself. You may still need some dream interpretation help here and there. If you don’t follow the entire program or advice in it if you do take it, you may not reach the level that you’re expecting.

For others who are spiritual junkies like myself, there is a huge array of different readings and services that you can get in between for fun as well as a great deal of deep wisdom. I would definitely recommend that you get a protection grade and a psychic block at some point in the journey of your soul development process though. they work wonders in keeping others out of your energy and protecting you from other harmful things in the environment as your light body will expand into a higher vibration and it may not be able to handle all of the different negative frequencies all around you from other people, the atmosphere, as well as artificial intelligence, and the sun as well. I may be required for some who are ultra empathic and very sensitive to get the works package or an angelic light therapy healing every month or every other month. I do my own once a week but everybody’s different and I know that everybody has to be careful with finances, which is better for themselves. If you ever get stuck you need a little discount please just ask me.

My favorites

Just for the record, if you’re still kind of poking around and unsure as to what you want to do, and maybe perhaps you are just exploring a little here and there on your own and would like a few suggestions… I have a couple of my own personal favorites in regards to the readings that are offered on my website that you may like as well.

1. Earth Angelic Oracle Reading

2. The Great Figure of Destiny

3. Conversations with God or Goddess

4. As above, so below tarot or The Guardian Versus Tempter

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The Black Agenda

Black magic, mysticism, dark consciousness, spirituality, end times, Capricorn, witchcraft, Wicca,Will also be featured on The Church of I.M there are some who don’t know of one blog or the other.

Let’s start with trend…

Texting with my friend Lauren, and she mentioned how black magic is being promoted a lot. I have been saying the same in the previous courses and blogs, even before this started because I knew exactly what the agenda was all about. I have forewarned people so many times. Sometimes I watch people that have read my blogs and knew beforehand things, and just walked right into the situations anyway. It does say in the Bible that fools will run pretty quickly into trouble.

My son, if sinful men entice you, do not give in to them. If they say, “Come along with us; let’s lie in wait for innocent blood, let’s ambush some harmless soul; Let’s swallow them alive, like the grave, and whole, like those who go down to the pit; We will get all sorts of valuable things and fill our houses with plunder; Cast lots with us; we will all share the loot”— My son, do not go along with them, do not set foot on their paths; For their feet rush into evil, they are swift to shed blood. How useless to spread a net where every bird can see it!These men lie in wait for their own blood; they ambush only themselves! Such are the paths of all who go after ill-gotten gain; it takes away the life of those who get it.—- Proverbs 1:10

 I mean it’s true. They would much rather lead everybody into a state of depression, even worse than anything they’ve ever experienced before, for an even larger reason that is beyond most peoples understanding. I mean think about it… How did I know that this is going to take place? How did I predict it before it even started getting into all of this? Obviously, somebody’s telling me something. And that somebody comes from heaven. I’m trying to warn as many people as I can because I also not only know what’s coming or happening out there before it takes place, but I also know the outcome.

I said it in my video dark consciousness. The term dark consciousness is not only literal but also symbolic. I talked about this a little bit further in my video The Illusionist.  we are in a different age than what is being spoken about. All things have been hidden but yet later, the light will reveal them. But for how many people will it be too late for? But by that time, so many people will have accumulated so much karma and almost sold their soul (as I mentioned in my other blogs and how that takes place) and there’s no coming back for it. Many people will also reach what I have explained as a “spiritual death”. Black magic brings a lot of karma. For many that just enter into it, they don’t care who they harm, or how they use it, or even if they know how to really use it. Everything is all about the ego and like I have said that is the biggest enemy to any man. It’s too hard to be good. Too many people find it difficult to exercise a little self-control here and there to even just be a little bit better. Instead, it’s easier to go along with society. The black magic makes people feel invincible or powerful just like all of the other forms of spirituality that they had been passionate about at one time. They need to continue feeling empowered but not in the right ways, so they change up every now and then. But what they don’t realize is that the dark agenda is one that yes may give them a little bit of a boost, but it’s going to bring them crashing down and permanently later on.

You can tell who the trend hoppers are because they jumped from the starseed agenda, into the angel agenda, from being a light worker, down into hermeticism, and then black magic.. I have seen so many people that used to promote themselves as a Starseed, now calling themselves a witch. From “so called cool thing, to so called cool thing”, they shift with the changing society. This is a perfect example of what I call “social conditioning”. The spiritual movement targeted lonely people who grew up outcast, and insecure with family troubles just for the fact that they knew that they were going to be the ones to jump right into things that were promoted as being “cool” in order to be excepted her notice.

The only thing I have to say is that, while they promote a lot of black magic and such, which; that’s fine if people decide to go that Road… But I still have to say that as more route, as more of that permeates throughout the world, the darker things become. And while I may be on pause for a little while during that time, I am sure there will come a time later in the future where everyone will remember things that I had said and predicted…and I will still be floating around in the background here. The one who was honest enough to predict it all, step by step as it was happening too (see Aluras Angels for predictions in the Angelic Herald articles ).

Is this trend worth it?

It’s totally normal to be inspired and grab a few ideas. But when creativity is totally lacking and the world is looking more like Star Wars, Attack of the Clones, then there’s a problem. And the questions that everyone should be asking is “Why? Why isn’t anyone noticing it? “Why does everyone think that it’s okay? What is really going on behind all of the repetitive propaganda that’s going on?”

My father was a Luciferian as was my grandfather on my mother’s side, whom I have mentioned a lot in the past. I have seen what happens in real circles. Black magic is a form of mystical arts that they claim allows free roam of the magical energy and spirit world. It’s total reliance is on demons, ancestral/generational spirits, elementals and inner power that is not natural but rather ciphered from animals, vamping other people, energy summoned for use from inside of ritual circles where entities are summoned, sexual or orgy energy, sacrificial energy through fear in death and the blood force. Those resources are temporary and not always guaranteed. But what is guaranteed, is that there’s always a price. This form of magic is not free. It’s not like light work where everything is manifested from a place of love and purity. There are pure forms of energy everywhere just as there are dark. But purity only requires good deeds and actions. That’s the only payment for that kind of power. On top of it, comes a reward. For all of the good that a person does especially in use of pure energy, they gain even more merit and golden karma in the heavens for their afterlife. Pure energy sources are from things like natural electromagnetic energy waves, evenly exchanged vibrations between people consensually, gifted energy from angels, channeled energy from magical realms and higher planes, ones own inner force, tantric sex, and many things in nature. Yes one has to have permission, and above all things enough power and ability to know how to draw pure energies out of those things. Most of the time, individuals whom you know can truly do it, do so because they were born with the abilities, had it bestowed upon them from a divine source, the spirits in nature see that the energy is being used for good and they assist in providing theirs, or

But when it comes to black magic, you are taking energy from a lot of resources without permission, which is against the spiritual law. another thing about black magic is that since you are taking energy either from lower vibrational entities were without permission, then it’s transmigrated into shape. With using positive light energy, it’s an even exchange. What you take from, you use and either amplify it for yourself or you get back in some other way through the cycles of energy. For example if you send healing, you may feel a little drained at first but the energy is going to come right back to you through your higher self for the good deed that you did. For black magic, it’s not that way. Whatever is lost, is lost. He gathers on the other side in shadow form. That is why a lot of people see a lot of shadows fleeting. There are things such as shadow beings who will come and watch over a person who is using black magic as well because they are just waiting to claim that person for when that life time is done because of all the negative energy attracted toward them. There are also fleeting shadows that are created by one’s own energy themselves by stealing positive energy and having it turned into Shadow, for the use of it. If it’s being used for negative, then nothing will come back in even exchange and it will just be voided energy, empty energy on the other side. It’s still a form of negative imprint though. Just like a camera taking a picture. In a negative, the image of this individual still exists but in a shadow form. The more and more they give to the shadow, the more more they lose of them self. They’re just using temporary light and spending it without returning it. The more more light that’s gone, the more and more the person loses their soul. so shadow people will come because they will usually read the blueprint of that individual through the energy, and then they will take on that person’s appearance for shape shifting and such. People don’t realize just what they’re getting themselves into. Black magic is certainly something that they highly glamorize.

 Back to trends…

Being a former Luciferian, my father used to liked to watch the show “American Horror Story”. I remember watching it thinking to myself how dark it really was. There were so many subliminals even in the intro music, and that were made especially to Luer people in in great interest. I would not watch it but I did see the episodes where Stevie Nicks came on, because I definitely enjoy her music. Since I was little, my mother was a fan of Stevie Nicks, and as a young adult I was told that I sounded a lot like her when I sang… that I was offered a small gig at a bar and restaurant. I was always into music having sang opera and many other forms of musical arts when I was small. I was even in a number of talent shows and could conformed any kind of style or music. But I still didn’t take it just because of the environment that the gig was in. I really did like her music for sure. I remembered my mom looked like her a little bit, when I was younger too. Mom was even going to name me Stephanie and call me “Stevie” as a nickname. I’m glad she didn’t. They had always known that her music was about the mystical arts. I don’t think a lot of other people did until the show came out and they started to become more aware.

Then he got into another show called Salem. I was totally appalled. I keep trying to tell him that these were television programs meant to condition people because of a new agenda that God said was coming. So he had a great deal of interest and watched it. Now I am seeing television shows such as a new rendition of “Hantzel and Gretel”. It’s a very dark version of the story, and I’m sure many people go running right toward watching it, because there are ads for it everywhere, even on YouTube. it’s a shame too because my father used to read me that story is a little girl in which I had just made a comment about it around Christmas time on my spiritually awkward Instagram page. Sometimes I feel like the synchronicity of things it’s just too much LOL nevertheless, a lot of people are going to see it and on top of all of the other television programs, it’s just yet another one to set people off into the black agenda. Said it many times before that people were brought down solo through broken promises, broken dreams, and from being held back so greatly in their ambitions towards their life purposes and goals, that they would find it easier to conform to a darker form of spirituality because that is really how they feel inside, dark. It’s easier for them to give in to it rather than fight against it, for some. he did the same along time ago and they launch the new age movement. People had been through drug addiction is in all kinds of other traumatizing things. They wanted something better for themselves. They wanted all of the things I had heard them in the past led them to those broken pathways, to be healed in to be fixed. And through what they had experience, they wanted to share that with others to help them. Light work was offered as a way to do that. Additionally on top of it, grandiose titles of being the world’s highest vibrational Starseed, were placed upon that agenda. To be honest with you I have seen people making claims that they were from as high as the ninth dimension. Eeee. If that were true then why aren’t they powerful enough to change a lot in the world? We had beings from that high of a vibration here, we wouldn’t be heading off into a dark agenda. In truth there are only a few in the entire world including myself who are from a higher plane here, trying to do anything positive. But not the ninth dimension. And there aren’t many of us or there would have been even more changes . but that was the point. For us to come and tell the truth and to provoke change in others so that they could wake up and cause a domino effect that spreading positivity and change worldwide. All of us each one in one of the four corners of the world. But we were limited and restricted in our attempts. And this was so that the black agenda could rise enslaving people’s souls and like the saying goes, “misery loves company”…those who are condemned, want to condemn the fate of many others with them.

I can’t understand for the life of me what people don’t comprehend about what is being said here. Things that are involved in black dark mystical practices, or often things that are linked to sex trafficking, human trafficking, drug addiction, murder, sacrifice of children, pedophilia, rape, bestiality, abusive violent acts, torture, and wishing bad upon others. It includes the deadly sins which jealousy and greed stem forth, and a lot of violence, insecurity, and vanity all come from them. This is even responsible for depression, mental illnesses, poverty, sickness and disease, incest, children becoming criminals early, pseudomaturity, sexual morality in children, robbery, kidnapping, ignorance, hatred, acts of hate, prejudice, racism, deceit, and injustice. It’s also responsible for war. There are so many things that stem from it.

And it doesn’t matter if a person doesn’t do anything in those categories, they still associate themselves with the force that’s responsible for it. It will always lead toward more depression, negativity and dark thoughts. Even pure individuals who are striving to do well in their lives right now, are affected greatly by even just a feeling of that energy in the air. what’s worse is that people are losing hope. Crime is rising, natural disasters are happening because of the forces of chaos. But yet people are walking right into the black agenda? Why are people so blind? Why can’t they stand up for themselves and one another, and say “enough is enough”?

it manipulates the minds of the older individuals yes but it is meant more for targeting younger audiences. It is to change the consciousness throughout time. The more darker television programming that exists, the more children that watch it. The more that they think it’s OK to behave a certain way. They gain interest in things that are wicked and vile instead of seeking out anything good.For an example, if a young kid where to watch “Hansel and Gretel”and their parents are too busy working to correct what their child is seeing or to explain it, naturally the child is going to get interested in things more along the lines of oddities and witchcraft. Nowadays parents don’t know what their children are doing when you’re sitting on their phones. They could be researching and reading books or material online that goes into these subjects a lot further. Then behind closed doors in their bedrooms, they could be cursing some kid at school. their parents don’t question anything because they don’t expect it and because they are so busy at work, if their child is being nice and quiet in the next room, there certainly not going to go and disturb that. So a lot of parents let their child be so as to get some quiet and rest for themselves.

Black magic holds a rule that says” Do what thou wilt, harm none”. However, it’s these forms of magic that are practiced the most, against other people. A lot of times black magic is used to take down one’s enemies or competitors. Especially, if a person doesn’t know how to use the forces of good to redirect their competitor enemy into another direction more positively, but in one that kind of removes them from being in their own way. There are ways of doing that but people are so malicious, that they find it a lot easier to just curse somebody to get rid of them suddenly, instead.There are even spells that can kill a person.

Really, there’s nothing wrong in expanding one’s mind to gain knowledge and understanding. But the way that people are so influenced by the ways of the world, trends and other people, they take it to a whole other level. If you can look at how the previous agenda has affected everybody here today with the attack of the clones going on, then imagine how much more dark it will be with everybody cloning the black agenda? It’s not fun. Even innocent relatives are plagued for generations by the spirits associated with black magic. My mother’s family was cursed since the rule of Morogh O’Flaithbheartaigh. It has led to death, illness, financial issues, repeat generational stories, shadow being attacks, and other hardships that have affected every other generation since his time. My family always wondered why it didn’t affect me, but the was obvious… I’m an angel and here to end the horrible string of attacks. It goes to show though, that our ancestors having been involved in human sacrifice and black magic surrounding the ancient druids… it was affecting him, passing down from everyone beneath him. Even a little bit of tampering here or there causes great havoc in persons life, no matter how innocent. Take it from somebody who knows.

For millennia, I have been training in my mission to come here through watching from above, the acts of humankind throughout the rebellions and great indignation. I saw many people inflicted by black magic and curses. I’ve always known what my mission was, leading me into in terms of the time…the day and age. I keep trying. It’s not easy since the masses are so easily conditioned and then stood against the truth, made willing to defend what’s wrong.

However, I’ll still be here after it all fails and the few remaining good come seeking real change at last. I may again be outcasted as I have always been by the corruptible hearts out there, but there’s only one end result, and me, a child of incorruptibility.

Listen to a vibration raising song here…