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Being a single parent is a challenging role in itself, but when you add the responsibility of caring for multiple dependents, both human and furry, the financial burden can become overwhelming. As a single mother caring for two toddlers, a young adult, a teenager, an elderly mother, two dogs, two cats, and managing bills for both home and business, the struggle to make ends meet is a constant battle for me. Yet, I know that there are many other single mom’s and dads out there that are hurting too, and I wanted to write this to show you all that someone can relate and that you can remain strong throughout the challenges. I will delve into the difficulties faced by single mothers/parents in such situations, the importance of rationing and budgeting, and the discouragement that arises from the lack of support.

As a single parent, the sole financial provider for your family, the weight of responsibility can feel immense. Balancing the needs of multiple dependents, along with the expenses of running a household and a business, can be incredibly challenging. The pressure to provide for everyone’s basic needs while also ensuring their emotional well-being can take a toll on your mental and emotional health. Think positively. Having faith without question can help the lord to help you more. You see, doubt is a barrier that’ll block his help. True faith is to be without doubt!

Rationing and budgeting become essential skills when faced with limited financial resources. Every penny must be carefully allocated to cover necessities such as food, shelter, utilities, and medical expenses. Creating a detailed budget and sticking to it becomes crucial in order to make ends meet. It may require making sacrifices and prioritizing needs over wants, but it is a necessary step towards financial stability.

One of the most disheartening aspects of being a single parent in such a situation is the lack of support. The absence of a partner or extended family members to share the financial burden can leave you feeling isolated and overwhelmed. The constant juggling act of caring for everyone’s needs without any respite can be emotionally draining. It is important to seek out support networks, whether it be friends, community resources, or online communities, to find solace and encouragement during these challenging times. I suggest that if you have a church, that ask your representative about church charities for assistance. Even by simply attending meetings, you can keep your head up and maintain courage through the support.

While it may feel discouraging, it is crucial to remember that there are resources available to help single parents in need. Research and reach out to local organizations, government programs, and non-profit agencies that provide assistance for single parents. These resources can offer financial aid, childcare support, counseling services, and educational opportunities that can alleviate some of the burdens you face.

Despite the financial struggles, it is important to recognize the strength and resilience that lies within you as a single parent. Your determination to provide for your family, your ability to stretch every dollar, and your unwavering love and care for your children are testaments to your incredible spirit. Remember to celebrate your victories, no matter how small, and to practice self-care to replenish your own well-being.

The financial struggles faced by single parents caring for multiple dependents can be overwhelming and discouraging. However, through rationing, budgeting, seeking assistance, and finding support networks, it is possible to navigate these challenges. Remember that you are not alone in this journey, and there are resources available to help lighten the burden. Stay strong, believe in your resilience, and know that your love and dedication to your family will guide you through these difficult times. Prayer also helps. Try to remember to exercise the golden rule too! What you put out into the universe, you ultimately get back! More good deeds that you do could result in an easier time for you in even exchange.

Tips on Budgeting 

Budgeting may seem impossible while caring for a family, and I of all people know that. I live on a monthly income that I am thankful for, but I am still $2350 short of what my monthly bills come to a total of. Now that’s hard! However, it used to be worse.  I used to be $3000 short of being able to pay my bills and debts, and I’ve brought it down to $2350 with budgeting. Hopefully I can get that number even lower and get caught up on paying the mortgage eventually. If you are in the same situation, try budgeting. I know it’s hard to have to say no to your kids when they ask for those special little extra things, but you’ll have to do it. Try getting rid of recurring subscription payments that you don’t need or care about too. You could also try saving up that spare change that you get whenever you break a bill at the store. That actually helps a lot as well too. Personally, I kept throwing change in my change collections jar overtime, and one day when I had no money at all, I remembered it! I was excited to have discovered that I had over $400 in change! I was able to pay a bill that was overdue, and order pizza for my kids that night too!

Another thing that you can try, is to purchase snacks at home in bulk, and purchase your meals daily instead. Purchasing just what you need for that day can really help you to save money. I have also found it to be useful to sell used things online to make extra money for what I can’t afford. I shop at thrift stores all of the time, anyway, to save money, and the thrift stores will buy back all of the clothes later on. It helps to put cash back into my pocket and I have a wonderful way to be fashionable. I do the same for my kids as well. In fact, many teenagers want to wear name brand clothes when they go to high school so that they can fit in. Many thrift shops have name-brand apparel. Shopping at a thrift shop for your children can help you save tons of money. 

There are a lot of other ideas for side gigs that you take on for extra income too. One idea that you can try to earn side cash is to go and raking someone’s yard. I actually intend to do that today! I need a certain amount of money to pay my phone bill, and so I’m going to go out and rake a few yards to earn the money. It might sound ridiculous to some but, you have to do what you need to do for survival. No idea is ridiculous. While you may not opt for raking yards, there are many other creative ideas that you could come up with or research about, that can help you to make more money. Type “ways to make extra  money” into the Google search bar, and I’m sure you’ll find a variety of different websites that offer lists of different types of side gigs that people can take on these days.

All in all, even if your financial situation may seem impossible, what’s not impossible… is your ability to push through it. Try my tips on budgeting, and remember to stay positive. What you put into the universe is what you get back, always remember that. I know that there are a lot of circumstances, such as the one I am in right now, that aren’t necessarily a result of karma. It may be just the timing and conditions of the world around us as well. Nevertheless, doing charitable and kind things can certainly help attract positivity into your life when you need it most. I’ve done a lot of nice things for people, and I realize that in my times of need, there was always someone somewhere to be found that could help me at that time, too. Most importantly, be strong and hang onto faith.

Good Luck!

By Alura Cein

Alura Cein is a true, natural born Oracle. As an angelic soul, she uses her psychic/ prophetic abilities and divine wisdom to help others find illumination as well as a true path to their higher purpose. As a Rh negative blood type, she specializes in the topics related to its origins. Additionally, she also specializes in the mystical world of occult and heavenly truths. Alura is the founder of The church of I. M ( and related courses at She has discovered dozens of star races, and has revealed many angels unknown to earth. Alura was the founder and face of the Angelic Spiritual Movement of 2012-2014. Her prophetic abilities are astonishing, proven by the articles at called The Angelic Herald from 2018, and 2019 in which she had predicted all of the events of 2020, all which not only took place... but happened one after the other. Alura is a true “angel” herself in her virtuous lifestyle. She not only proves this in her psychic accuracy but also in the compassionate and unconditionally loving way that she treats others. Many have had a life altering experience in working with or even in just knowing her. You can learn more about her life style as she openly shares it with others at If you want personal readings, services can be found at

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