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I usually leave the celebrity-related subjects to my site’s co-author, Jared. However, one evening while we were brainstorming for article ideas, he mentioned that he thought of doing a piece on actor Corey Feldman. He told me that he wanted to do an article on Feldman and that he would like to add my psychic insights into it. I told Jared that I felt that covering Feldman’s story was a great idea, and I asked if he could allow me to have the honor of writing it. 

Corey Feldman was a huge name in Hollywood in the 1980’s and 1990’s with his movies like “The Goonies”, “License To Drive”, and “Dream A Little Dream”. My parents loved watching movies together and I would sometimes sit down and watch some of them with them. The first time that I saw Corey Feldman in a movie was in fact while watching “The Goonies”! It was in those moments that I observed a life of pain for him in my own psychic evaluation of him. From his rise to fame, up until this present day Feldman has many times expressed his struggles as a child actor. And don’t forget about the shocking insight he provided to the public on the hidden truth of Hollywood’s secret pedophile rings! What’s the truth? And what’s up with Corey today?

Well, as a psychic, I have the unique ability to perceive and understand the emotional pain that individuals carry. Corey Feldman has had a public history of struggles that have left a lasting impact on his emotional well-being. I respect the boundaries of individuals and understand that some secrets are meant to be kept private, so I’ll continue to be discreet. It is not my intention to invade his personal space but rather to explore the possibility of hidden aspects based on my intuitive perceptions and renew his relevance in the world of social media as a talented individual.

Corey Feldman: A psychic’s perception 

Corey Feldman’s journey in the entertainment industry began at a young age, exposing him to the pressures and pitfalls of fame. As a psychic, I sense the emotional burden he carries from being thrust into the spotlight during his formative years. The exploitation and abuse that can occur in the industry have likely left deep scars on his psyche. He has been open about his experiences with trauma and abuse, but I sensed it long before he was ever open about it at all.  I sense the lingering emotional pain. I also see a person who tries to be positive and fight through life but holds feelings of vulnerability, mistrust, and has a constant battle to heal from the wounds inflicted upon him.

In addition to his public struggles, Corey has faced personal challenges in his relationships and experienced the pain of loss. I perceive the emotional weight of failed relationships and the grief he carries from the loss of loved ones. These experiences contribute to a sense of loneliness and heartache. Feldman has been an advocate for justice and healing, particularly in relation to the issue of child abuse in the entertainment industry as mentioned above.  I sense his determination to bring awareness and change to an industry that has caused him and others immense pain. Yet, he has many fears surrounding the subject, and all of them are legitimate concerns. This pursuit can be emotionally draining, as it requires confronting painful memories and facing resistance. I perceive the emotional pain that Corey carries as a result of his past struggles. Childhood stardom, trauma, abuse, personal losses, and his advocacy work have all contributed to his emotional burden. 

I possess a heightened intuition that allows me to perceive hidden aspects of individuals’ lives. In the case of Corey Feldman, I have sensed that he is harboring something within, a secret that remains concealed from the public eye. Through my psychic abilities, I have picked up on subtle energetic cues and intuitive impressions surrounding Corey for years. These impressions have suggested to me that there may be undisclosed aspects of his life, experiences, or emotions that he has chosen to keep hidden from the public. I know what they are, but I’m sure that it’s not my place to expose them.

People often develop coping mechanisms to deal with past traumas or challenging experiences.  Corey has been no exception. Feldman’s public history of struggles, including trauma and abuse, may have led him to develop protective mechanisms that involve keeping certain aspects of his life hidden. These coping mechanisms can serve as a shield to protect oneself from further harm or scrutiny. I see that he would have a legitimate reason to feel a need for escapism. Corey’s personal struggles, including battles with addiction and mental health issues, have been widely publicized. Unfortunately, these challenges often overshadowed his acting career, leading to a skewed perception of his abilities. The public scrutiny and judgment he has faced, I feel, may have hindered his opportunities to showcase his talent and be recognized for his work.

In my years of working with people, I have found that a fear of judgment is a common reason why individuals choose to hide certain aspects of their lives. Corey, having experienced the harsh scrutiny of the public eye, may be apprehensive about revealing vulnerable or sensitive information. The fear of being misunderstood or judged can lead to the concealment of personal truths. Perhaps if he knew that there was someone out there who already knew and could tell him insight to his inner truth without him having to say it all himself, it may make him feel open to finally talk about it.

 I also see that there was a figure in which Corey was infatuated with from his past  that has left him broken too. There’s a lot that I “see” in regards to that subject actually. But again, this isn’t an article to air anyone’s laundry. It’s an article that’s meant to highlight Feldman’s journey of self-discovery and growth and hopefully inspire him to uncover those hidden truths in due time. 

In the realm of Hollywood, actors often face the challenge of being misunderstood by the public and critics alike. Corey has been no exception to this phenomenon either. I truly feel, in my opinion, that he is a misunderstood actor. He rose to fame at such a young age, starring in iconic ’80s films such as “The Goonies” (as mentioned earlier) and “Stand by Me.” However, this early stardom and association with specific roles led to a typecasting that limited the perception of his acting abilities. As a result, I feel that his range and versatility as an actor were often overlooked or underappreciated. Transitioning from child star to adult actor is a challenging feat that many people in Hollywood have had to struggle with. Names like Drew Barrymore, Brooke Shields, Josh Peck to name a few, all experienced growing up on camera and its pressures. Corey faced the same transition in the public eye, which further contributed to the misunderstanding of his talent. The expectations and preconceived notions from his earlier roles must have made it difficult for audiences and critics to see him in a different light. Despite the limitations imposed by typecasting, Corey has taken on a diverse range of roles throughout his career. From comedic performances to dramatic portrayals, he has demonstrated his versatility as an actor. However, I feel that those roles may have gone unnoticed or underappreciated due to the prevailing misconceptions surrounding his talent.

Corey’s passion for his craft and dedication to his work are often overlooked. He has consistently pursued acting projects and continued to hone his skills, demonstrating a genuine love for the art form. His commitment to his craft deserves recognition and appreciation, as it reflects his unwavering dedication to his profession. I really feel that he is a misunderstood actor whose talent and versatility have been overshadowed by early stardom, typecasting, personal struggles, and public scrutiny. 

From what I perceive about Corey with my psychic visions and seeing him through the public’s eyes online both, I can say that Corey has much more room for more success and wealth but only with healing and proper advice. I truly believe that he has a bigger purpose in the world that he still has yet to discover!  I truly see his starseed soul origins and how rare and special he truly is! While many people judge stars for their lifestyles, remember that everyone has their own personal story. For celebrities, even though their lives are under a public microscope, there are parts of the story that the public never does hear about. Corey’s soul is a beautiful one! No one will ever really understand this rose that grew from concrete.

Today, he is focusing on his music and other projects like “The Birthday”, and touring as “The Truth Movement”. I love how he’s turned his trials into his dreams! Corey Feldman was such a big sensation in the 1980s and I can only hope that he continues to go on being a sensation in our future. Maybe not with music or acting, but perhaps something with a deeper meaning and purpose? While all celebrities show a certain face to the public, as they are desiring to be seen as. But there is a whole other side to them behind closed doors. Corey Feldman is a creative and unique individual who tries time and time again to prove himself in the world of entertainment. I would love to guide him as to where he can go next, and maybe than the world could see how exceptional he really is. The whole thing in my perception with Feldman is that he’s been trying so hard to get in on trending things as well as incorporating his own passions into them, but there’s something very special and unique that’s meant for only him, and unlike anything else anyone has ever done before. If Corey could find out what that is, I’m sure he would go higher than he ever has, as he deserves to. 

Never judge a book by its cover, some things are all illusion for others, and not really, what’s there on the inside.

You can find him @cdogg22

By Alura Cein

Alura Cein is a true, natural born Oracle. As an angelic soul, she uses her psychic/ prophetic abilities and divine wisdom to help others find illumination as well as a true path to their higher purpose. As a Rh negative blood type, she specializes in the topics related to its origins. Additionally, she also specializes in the mystical world of occult and heavenly truths. Alura is the founder of The church of I. M ( and related courses at She has discovered dozens of star races, and has revealed many angels unknown to earth. Alura was the founder and face of the Angelic Spiritual Movement of 2012-2014. Her prophetic abilities are astonishing, proven by the articles at called The Angelic Herald from 2018, and 2019 in which she had predicted all of the events of 2020, all which not only took place... but happened one after the other. Alura is a true “angel” herself in her virtuous lifestyle. She not only proves this in her psychic accuracy but also in the compassionate and unconditionally loving way that she treats others. Many have had a life altering experience in working with or even in just knowing her. You can learn more about her life style as she openly shares it with others at If you want personal readings, services can be found at

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