Beauty Masks- Self or Mommy & Me

Natural Avocado Face Mask Ft Amber

I am really happy to be a mother again. I know some people would say that I am older and that I probably should have been done having children. But hey, what can I say? I have a lot of love to give and out there in the world the way that it is? It’s hard to find people that will really love you. So I always say, make your own family. Let that family consist of people that you love, people that you connect with on a deep level, and friends of all kinds that are loyal and constant. Family doesn’t just have to be blood relation. And since, most of the families these days don’t get along anyway, it’s kind of hard to make this kind of deep connections with your blood relations anymore anyway. Having my new daughter in my life has been a true joy. I get to share with her my teachings and help her to grow up to be the type of person that she should be, outside of social conditioning, stereotypes and archetypes.

Heard of being a spiritual teacher and also a parent, setting a good example for others. My daughter Amber had just recently started a 30 day no make up challenge. There are only a few of us partaking in the challenge. But it is still something really good for others who do come across it, to participate in. Or, to at least make themselves feel better in knowing that they don’t always have to put on a costume every day. It helps others to know, that they can love themselves just the way they are.

It also helps in spiritual parenting because it teaches your child that they can feel good about themselves naturally, as well as with cosmetics too. I am always trying to set a good example in diet and hygiene well. Even though my baby is small, she still likes to feel included. This gives me a wonderful opportunity to introduce good health and beauty processes. Right now we are learning yoga baby style, in addition to also taking care of our skin. It really makes her feel special. If you include your children and your activities to, they will also grow up feeling good about themselves. Since we have busy schedules as parents, even just a few minutes of including them in something, can mean all the world.

Beauty night! Adree kept making my mask slide over lol. It was a good laugh considering I look more like I had come out of a horror movie LOL

Here we are with our masks on. The other night Adree had the 14 karat gold facial mask while I used a hydrogel mask. We spend 1 hour each night with our beauty regime. We have a tight schedule with my having to work from 5:00 pm until 1:00 am 5 days a week. You also have to micromanage and squeeze other tasks for my job and, throughout my day with the baby including time for trance work and meditation. It is not easy but I get it done. With 6 hours (adding trance in between) of solely mommy and me time, I can certainly do a lot of things with her. Education, exercise, exploring and adventure, as well as our beauty routines. Here are a few snapshots of me and Adriel with our masks. I’ve also included snapshots of the masks them selves. We also do an eye mask twice a week, the one I’m using was a gift from my friend Bella. (Thank you, we love you!)

This eye mask was great. After working overnight it added moisture to my eyes making me feel refreshed.

Try them. They’re pretty cheap, and fun as an activity for you alone or you and “the girls” in your life. Doing this also helps promote feelings of confidence and self-esteem. There’s nothing like having a facial mask and really feeling important.

The gold tones, tightens and adds a vibrant glow to your skin. I have used it myself.
Hydrogel masks are scary looking and they are very itchy. My skin often feels a lot better after an hour of use rather than right after taking it off.

My Diet & Feeding baby

I used to live as a breatharian. That is where a person does not consume food because they can take energy from the environment and transmuted into anything that they need energetically that they would have gotten from nutrition and food. All things are energy anyway, everything shares the same code. However, after having my baby I do have to eat. But even in the past while growing up I have had a lot of issues with food. My stomach really hurts, I have had bouts of IBS, nausea, and because my body does not work the same as other people, I would eat and it would not be easy to rid my body of food that I ate through using the restroom. Pardon me, I’m just trying to relay the experience here. As I had grown, I just adopted living off of energy, and I did that for several years. But while I was pregnant, I did have to take in some nutrition. At first, I wasn’t. But people were telling me it may be wise to do so, just for the sake of the doctors outlook on everything. Living off of energy, I did still very much drink water though. But out carrying my baby I started to add one meal a day. It was hard on my body. With the rarest blood type in the world, I had all kinds of issues that I had even before, start to pop up. I have a lot of allergies. After the baby was born, I had a sugar fit and ate a lot of chocolate and peanut butter. But I I stopped. Recently, going to the doctors, I told him everything. My doctor said that the craving for peanut butter came from being protein and iron deficient. He had told me that it was one thing for me to live off of energy, but as soon as the baby came into my body, she started to take whatever nutrients that I had for myself, for herself to grow. I had something called intrauterine growth restriction to begin with, so she was just taking extra to try to help herself to grow faster and stronger. That depleted my body of any kind of iron or protein that I had to begin with. Well eating the chocolate even through earlier age is in my life, I have always had adverse reactions. As an angelic so I gain weight superfast and I lose it superfast to. But he had told me that the sugar acts like this:  blood sugar will rise as the carbohydrates from the candy are digested. The pancreas can releases a hormone that tells the body to produce glucose from something in the muscles. Then, my liver releases that into my bloodstream. Later on that somehow breaks the protein from my muscles down into amino acids. The amino acids were needed for the baby to grow. That also explains why I had the craving after she was born too, it was natures way of saying I needed to produce amino acids in my breast milk for the baby to grow after birth as well! It made perfect sense. However, I finally got rid of the chocolate and the peanut butter. My doctor told me I have many allergies because my body operates differently from others. I’m sure that is the case for everyone as each person is unique. But I have a lot of sensitivity is here more than likely because of my soul type and my blood type. Apparently, I am allergic to lectun, gluten, iodine and iron. Which most foods contain. Choosing the lifestyle to live off of energy alone, was my own spiritual way of telling myself not to eat because of all of the dangers that were lurking in the foods. It’s really strange though because the body desperately needs iron. So they are trying to help me build a new immunity to this.

Now my diet consists of one small meal a day, for now. I’ll return to breatharian life later once the baby is weened. I am eating a low iodine, low lectin, gluten free diet. I can have onions, mushrooms, broccoli, bok choy, cauliflower, leafy greens, squash, sweet potatoes, yams, carrots and asparagus, berries, citrus fruits, pineapple, cherries, apples, fish, seafood, eggs, meat and poultry, as well as fats from olive oil, avocado. But I can’t have the fish due to the iodine and meat or poultry? I refuse to eat. I can also pressure cook to lower the lectins in my diet as well. I’m sticking to avocado, hemp tofu, and pressurized brown rice occasionally. Ehhh. Lots of water. Tea, always! No more coffee doctor says, as it is a bean. Beans contain lectins. I can’t totally avoid them though. They’re everywhere. No more cheese for me either, darn it.

For baby…

Well, generally say to not feed your baby food until 4 months when cereals are introduced. Not me! I flipped the script. I started introducing foods to my baby at two months, feeding banana and applesauce. At 3 months I added cereal into the bottle.

My baby is breastfed. The best nutrition that a mother can provide! However, she did take soy formula too, in between feeds. It’s a good source of proteins which are the building blocks of development. I also now provide tea to my baby for antioxidants. I found a product that now has both soy and tea, and she loves it! Me too! It’s delicious. Bolt House Farms, Vanilla Chai.

At this point, I’m a working, single mother. I need less mess but optimal nutrition. So now in addition to the above diet, Adree also eats one third of a package from Plum Organics.

I squeeze a little into her mouth, and it’s not messy! As she gets older, she’ll eat more of the package but they do have tons of selections. Totally raw vegan.


I have to say, I feel better already and my skin is incredible along with cell rejuvenation healings that I’m doing since I broke out with my hormones adjusting. I’m also losing weight this way with weight loss spells too. My baby? She grew 3 1/2 inches in a months and she’s very healthy. No mess clean up too! Babies feel limited as they are aware to some degree but my baby is angelic too and advanced. She wants to do things herself, feed herself, and try what I eat. So variety helps. If your baby gets diarrhea or nausea then discontinue the trial food. Don’t ever give your baby peanut butter until you have them tested for allergy.

Spiritually Awkward- My account with Alura

By Brian Ceruba
“Dear Ally, I am writing to you by email even though I know that I could probably get in touch with you in other ways because I would like to submit my story here, where as other ways would not permit me to. I remembered that you had mentioned needing collaborators for your Spiritually Awkward website. And since many of us in your group are trying to help others to find you or understand you as a spiritual teacher, I thought that alongside of my new reviews on your business page on Facebook, that I would perhaps write my short story to tell people about my account with you. I was going to post it in our group, but I did not want to put such a long story into a post. I’m not a professional writer so please forgive any errors and if this story is not acceptable then by all means don’t feel obligated to publish it. I just want people to really know what it’s like to know you. Talk to you soon and please text me to let me know your thoughts. -Bri

“Hi readers. This is my deepest thoughts and experiences with Alura Cein. This is a true review and testimonial. I know most of you have only worked with Alura online, and I thought it would be cool to talk about what it’s like seeing her in person.

So knowing Ally most of my life it’s always been intimidating b/c while we were crazy and ruthless little boys, she was always the little innocent girl down the street with the platinum hair looking like an albino and shit lol. I thought she was majestic, but I thought I was too ignorant to be her friend and I would just ride by on my bike staring at her. It gave me the weirdest feeling that time stopped. She would just stop playing and stare back too. Then, one day me and my family were at our church. I was so embarrassed of my religion at school or in front of my friends. My mother would dress me up in these snazzy suits and I thought to myself “Man if the kids at school saw this”! I had been going there since I was born. Ally’s aunt joined our church when I was 5. All of those years I had only seen Ally in the neighborhood out front of her house, always playing alone and everybody made fun of her because she always seem to be talking to her self. It was weird but I later found out that she had been talking to God in spirit all of those times. So didn’t really seem too weird after all when I learned of that. But then one day I was at my church right before the service started and I saw her walk in with her aunt. She had on a really pretty white dress with lace around it and I just thought how much she looked like an angel. Even tho our religion didn’t talk about Angels much. I never got to tell her that though. But yeah, I was hiding in the back from her because I wanted her to think I was one of the cool kids who rode his bike around the neighborhood and not some church geek. Of course she saw me tho.

A few months later, she was going up to the front of our church to the Elder conducting the service and calling him out. She must have been about 8 years old then. I forget what she said, but I know that it silenced our elder and he had no response and after, she was not allowed to attend anymore unless by sitting in the women’s area for breastfeeding their babies where it’s isolated and there is a speaker for them to hear the service while out of the main hall. I stopped seeing her come at all later the following year. I was told to stay away but my father and some of the elders still seemed pretty interested in her. My father later told me that it was because she had predicted many things about the elder and the world behind the closed doors of his office many times. And she was refusing to get baptized by their church. She had also said something along the lines that they were false because they had said only certain people in the church were chosen and she had known that there were others out there not a part of the church, who were. I thought she was very interesting. With my dads approval I started talking to her when I saw her around the neighborhood. We became instant friends. I only hung out with her when I felt lost or my family had issues, but I started trying to make her cool and introduced her to my friends. And that’s it! That’s how I met her. It is also a fact that since my mother is a Jehovah’s Witness, is very good friends with her aunt. My father too, was involved in the LDS church system he was also involved in freemasonry which had been handed down to him by his father who had known Alura’s grandpop. It is really a small world.

We had a lot of fun childhood adventures and my mom started to really love her. I noticed my mother even dyed her hair blond too after a year of meeting her which I thought strange. One time one of the kids in the neighborhood was trying to jump me and she walked right up to him and although I cannot remember what she said, she stopped the boys straight in his tracks. Afterwards, I think he realized that he just got played by a girl on a higher intellectual level and was kind of confused and didn’t know how to react. He started to lunge at her and she just chased him away, chasing him about three blocks LOL. He was an older kid and a bully we all dreaded but she scared him with truth.

She really helped me and my family in her just being there. She gave advice and gave even my dad a run for his money on theology. The elder from the church, he would not let her back but he used to come over to our house just to talk with her. I thought that was pretty interesting as well. Anyhow, I thought I would give my historical account of how we met. I disappeared several years later because I ended up getting caught up with the wrong crowd of people and that is where I met my ex-wife.Ally also moved on with someone too. I joined a lodge and in college, a fraternity and after, my life fell apart Because the lady that I was with was truly a rotten individual. Forgive me because I know that Alura says that I should always be kind but in this case I just can’t be LOL

Present day:

I finally started the process of my divorce, I started reaching out to find Ally but she had moved several times. I know that she had dreams of helping other people, so one day I just took it upon myself to look her up on the Internet and there she was! With all of these blogs, ratings and then her website. All of a sudden I emailed her and we were back to being friends as if there had been no time missing. That was back in 2014. Since then she has helped me to quit a powerful drug addiction, heal as much as I could from my divorce, get better at my parenting, reconnect with some of my relatives who I had problems with throughout the years, work through the grief of losing my father, and some very deeply rooted emotional issues from my birth mother having died when I was small. It has also taken all of my religious beliefs and studies and turned them upside down sending me down a spiral of truth and inner questioning with her teachings and visions.

It is very hard to find God in this world. I don’t know about any of you but I would like to say that on my own behalf that I have many times tried to connect with God. I have done many rituals and psychic activities for many years in my fraternity and lodge. I have been seeking a way to connect believe me. But I have never felt as close to God, as I do when I have Alura in my life. The love there is so pure and I often feel so accepted even when she knows that my thoughts are very negative. Sometimes I use her as a motivation and I feel that if I strive to make her proud of me then I know that I am making God proud. I use her as a physical symbol of God here. If I did not have her I do not know where I would be. I think I would feel very lost and godless.

In my session at Alura’s yesterday and altho it went by fast, I asked a lot questions about life and the courses. There were so many questions that my questions started asking questions lol! I was there for a few hours but I tell you, it felt like five minutes. She made me feel very welcome. Walking through the door I was cleansed with incense and then we kneeled to say a prayer. She had the room very dark but there had been some tiny string lights and some candles that were lit all over. I sat down at a round table by the window where there were flowers freshly cut in a vase that really gave off a nice aroma and a feeling of welcome. She then took my hand across the table and sent me a loving vibration that then just opened me up to where I began talking about all of the things that bothered me. It just felt so natural to open up about everything with her. I felt like I could even tell her my deepest darkest secrets. She then started shuffling cards and laid them out on the table in which I selected three. However, even though I have studied the tarot myself, I definitely did not recognize the meaning in the definitions that she were using for the cards and it was just the regular rider Wyatt deck. She had a whole new way of reading that really went down into the depths of my soul.After the card reading which took about 30 minutes, I just sat there like I was part of the family and spoke with her children who were very interested in me being there. They already know me but they seemed really friendly and inviting just like Ally. They made me feel like I was part of the family and even offered for me to stay for dinner. I definitely took them up on the offer. We had a vegetarian pasta dish but it was ordered out since she had been using most of her time to guide me. Have to admit I did cry when I first got there which is not very manly but it still was very emotionally overwhelming. Then I got to meet the infamous baby LOL

Adree is something else! The baby is so very alert and aware that she seemed to understand everything that I said to her. She even made facial expressions and gestures that indicated communication with me. I was not allowed to hold her but when I cried towards leaving, she put her hand out for to reassure me. The entire time she sat on Ally’s lap and seemed very interested in what we were talking about. She was very quiet and well behaved but we did not talk about anything too adult like or deep while she had been in the room for that short period of time. She and Ally have an amazing dynamic and I could definitely tell that Adree had been seeing spirits walking about the room because she would look off into the distance and go into a stare much like Ally does when “seeing”. Ally would ask her if she had been seeing someone and the baby would look back at her as if to say yes and then look back in the direction of where the spirit was. I have to also say that Amber was very supportive and caring. Even though it was supposed to be more of a private session, Amber had come in several times offering me something to drink and had seen I was upset and asked if I was OK and then I just felt really open to talk with her too. I swear it felt like they were the family I should’ve had.

I have to admit though I do know her parents but I never really felt too comfortable with them. They seem like they are in a whole other paradigm then Ally and her children. But she really loves her parents and even took me up to say hello and then the takeout arrived. She had paid for everything. She would talk very excitingly to her parents kind of telling them basically every little thing in the world, in which they didn’t really seem much to care. In fact they were just pretty much staring at the television the entire time that she had been talking, but even though she was being a ignored as I stood there watching, she just continued showing such a vibrant amount of love and continued trying to connect with them and pull them out of the trance that they were in from their television. Her parents were nice though and they did greet me. There had even been a few times that we were eating dinner at the table and she was reviewing her social media and there are a couple of girls in our group on Facebook that I am aware of. She had seemed so happy to see some of their posts. I asked her, you really care about these people don’t you? She said that she loved everybody with all of her heart. She did tell me that there were a couple of people in her group that she really had a lot of faith in it that they were going to make it. Although she did not tell me who those were. I think I will just have to observe and take a lucky guess. I have one or two in mind.

By the end of the evening I had felt this warm sensation of motivation in my heart. She had given me a very friendly and kind hug to send me on my way and made me a little satchel full of mixed stones inside a white gift bag that also had a candle, some incense, and a little charm necklace that had been blessed in it. I haven’t received the gift in years LOL. I really felt even more encouraged by that point to want to continue fighting for myself in my life. I often go through really deep state of depression. I feel utterly isolated and many times I end up having some very negative thoughts come into my mind. Sometimes it triggers my addiction. I also have left a lot of my older friends because they still engage in the same type of behaviors that I have just fixed my life from. So I really do not have anybody but I have reconnected with my family a bit. We are still working on it though. I don’t really think will ever be a wholesome family but at least we can it out as friends. There are many times that I am alone and there’s nothing else to do but just sit back and stare at the TV or play around on my phone. I have another Facebook account under a different name and which all of my childhood friends are on there. Sometimes I just look at the feed and I think to myself how close minded and asleep everyone seems. Many of them are posting about their arguments with their partner, selfie’s, pictures of their food, and so many other mundane things. I am really getting tired of seeing pictures of girls sticking out their asses. I don’t understand why they think guys like that so much. Sure some of it seems kind of hot but to be honest with you it really gets old and you guys aren’t just all about sex you know? I mean we are, but we also have intellect too… LOL That’s when I come onto my other Facebook and I use that account to connect with Ally and her friends. I still have not revealed to my family that I have abandoned our traditional beliefs. Especially since I have two different religious systems on either side of my family. It was very strict growing up. Maybe that was why I was so rebellious.

Anyhow nobody in Ally’s group really talks to me much and I know that my mouth sometimes kind make people feel offended, even though I don’t mean any harm. But I still like seeing the dynamic of her group and reading the posts because every single person in that group is totally interesting. I definitely love reading more spiritually-based material and the people in her group are really spiritual. They don’t post about stupid stuff. I mean I’m not trying to sound like a judge mental asshole here but I definitely have seen enough selfie’s and food pictures LOL. Being in the group has given me motivation because she does a lot of activities there to help people have something to do and look forward to that not only stimulates the mind, but the spirit and physical activity. Some of her activities even try to bring families closer. I really have to say that even though I don’t have a personal relationship with any of the people in her group I don’t feel too much of an outsider. Somehow I just feel like by being there I am a part of a family. It’s so weird.

Escorting me out of the door, I really didn’t even want to go home. I felt like I was leaving myself at her house if that makes any sense. But I wanted to go home and make my own house feel warm like hers. I’m a divorced dude so I live by myself and I don’t really have much warmth or decoration in the house. So I stopped by the store and picked up a couple of things and even lit the candle up, that she gave me. I really felt a change in the environment. That candle really had a lot of her essence in it and it definitely felt like she had filled my home. I am not a worshiper of Ally here. But I am definitely and I witness to the fact that she is not an ordinary person. Her entire existence is based upon helping other people to change or to even heal. But I think her main objective is just to spread that love. I’m still working on opening myself up to love but I hope one day that I will be able to spread it a little bit myself. I don’t know how, but I sure hope that I can give back what has been given to me through this honor of having such a friend and a teacher.”

Well there it is. That is my account of how I know Alura. I definitely highly recommend her not because I known her since childhood or anything, because anybody can just be friends with someone who is a spiritual teacher and have their own beliefs. There are all sorts of friends who gather but have different backgrounds spiritually. I recommend her because, I have witnessed miracles that she performed as we were growing up, I have seen her predictions come true time and time again for me myself on a personal level, and out there in the world, and her teachings truly speak to the inner core of truth with in every spiritual being. Really hope to get to know the people in her groups. I’m sure they are reluctant because I am a close friend and they may not know what to say to me. But it would be wonderful to really make some close friendships. But I don’t really use my Messenger for that. I’m looking for more of a group dynamic so I hope I can get some good conversations going in her group. Nevertheless you should go see Alura. She is not really the stiff that many think her to be. In truth she is an eccentric goofball with a big heart but she takes her teachings seriously.

Going Shhhhh!

Hello everybody this is just a notice that from this point forward my blogs and my more in-depth videos will be getting posted to another site where you will have to become a trusted approved member, in order to gain access to the information. Due to many other people having stolen my information over time, I feel a great need to protect a lot of my work now. Things are getting very serious in the world, and also in the area of spirituality. And, after the other courses, Absolution is on its way! I know that there will be a lot of in-depth questions, and it would be better to answer them all together. There will also be the Bible decoding course in addition to the Awareness course that will both be starting in the spring. With that, a lot of my secret teachings about many things will be put into those courses and I certainly have to protect them. Why?

I have seen a lot of underhandedness overtime, and it has really broken my heart. I had started this journey in order to share with the world, personal sacred information that I was given. I thought that it was information that would help many people who really truly had a love of spirit, heaven, becoming a better person and God. My entire intention and mission was to find people that truly carried that unconditional love and Holy Spirit within them, that just needed a little bit of guidance and direction. I dreamed to help them to bring that fully out from within themselves and to understand themselves more. I was sent here to find those that have been chosen for a great mission, and in order to help them to merge with higher self in order to accomplish them. I have worked with thousands of people all over the world from every background, belief and ethnicity, all in the name of finding anyone that was truly really about the real movement. To find those who actually really wanted to become the better change that they had hoped to see in the world. I had many people come to me claiming that that was them. However, I don’t think many understood what that real better change was. And when a lot of them found out, they gave up, because it made it so that they had to be separate from the world. It would make them actually dare to be different, and to not follow the trends. Instead, it would have then follow the divine. Not me. But the heavens, and to be a part of change in what is actually good for the earth, and for one another.

What was that better change? Waking up. Waking up more and more to their full potential. Then afterwards, to rise up as a people together, whether in our own areas, or in one. That would be for the sole reason of inspiring others to be good hearted people that were pure, and forsaking the blemishes of the world that had hurt and tormented people for too long. How many of you had struggled with addiction? How many of you had come from a background of abuse? How many of you had abused yourselves? The idea was to take the darkness and pain, and then to use it as wisdom in order to want the light, and then to fully become the light.

Hello? I’m not talking about some trending new age guru. I’m talking about being a pure light worker. And for all of the right reasons. Not for fame. Not for appearance. Not to appear to be better than others. Not for power, and certainly not for wealth. But while I have found some, I have also come across others that simply only wanted all of this for the fulfillment of the ego. There have even been times in the past, that other readers, hidden enemies or people wanting to come out as a teacher, who had joined my groups to make personal friendships with my following. They would very slowly interact with them to gain their trust, and make friendships with them on the side, dropping little tidbits of what they believed in, to spread interest. And then, they would up and disappear. And all while having a link to my inner circle separately on their own accord. I have many times asked people to respect me, and not to do that. It is a dirty way to go about business, and I would never hurt anybody like that myself. I understand that not everybody is like me, and others are willing to use dirty tactics to get somewhere, and that is why I truly hope that what I have taught my real friends and real students, that they will always keep that in mind. Some, had even bought readings simply to how I did them, in an attempt to replicate my Services or methods too. Someone had even gone to the greatest extent of having played a very expensive company to scan my website, to find out how many people were visiting each day. It also gave them information as to that email as an IP address is of the people visiting my website for help. Then this would help them to then contact those people were even try to find out what services were trending and then to add them to their own website as well. You have no idea how dark the front is, that I would even happen in spirituality. This is about the soul. Someone actually spied in order to compete for your soul, for their own gain. If someone can behave sneaky and deceptive in that way, you can be sure that you will not find the right help from them. I say to that individual; “My website is to help people. This isn’t some competing burger franchise. Shame on you”!

As a person who is truly unconditional and carries their love for others like a torch, as a person who just only loves everyone and wants the best for everyone, you have no idea what it feels like to hear that somebody has finally understood the message that I am teaching. And that having used it, they can now live their life better. Without worry or a struggle, and with out having to feel depressed or lost. And to use that, their new found contentment and the wisdom that they’ve learned with me, to go out there and find others through using their own intuition in knowing from the signs in those people, that they also truly want the same change. But instead, I found some others who wanted fame. Others, they were using it as an ego trip. Whatever the case was, I still embraced them. Everybody deserves a chance. If they came, then there was a reason behind it. And while the process may have been slower, they will get there.

Nonetheless, I cannot take away from the fact that there had been downright dark people who have only used me for my information. I have had people steal from my websites, and I’ve had others replicate my videos for their own channels. I have even had overly competitive people who have also studied my stuff, and then added to it from other worldly teachings, to try to counteract what I had taught them originally. I have had people talk about me behind my back, plotted against me, pretended to be a friend, and I have had people who understandably had even struggled in their trust in me. I know that it is hard to have trust in just one person, when most of your lives you have encountered so many untrustworthy people. Plus, this world is so screwed up, it’s hard to believe that anybody could actually be pure and loving. Most people think it is a façade. But those who know me best, will tell you that it surely is not. The only thing remotely human about me and my nature, is the fact that I get my feelings hurt and I do get frustrated from time to time, but only when somebody is deliberately projecting negativity at me. Still, in my work I have been straight up abused and taken for my knowledge.

As a result, I am here in this blog to say that I am not here for any of that. I am here to find those who really truly want this path. And as a result of my having let others in that didn’t, I and some of my friends have paid the price for it. But the one who had paid the price for it more, is God who sent me on this mission to do this work. The distractions of the negativity and the backbiting, got overwhelming. I was hurt for almost a whole year because of it. It crushed my heart. I should have been focused. In addition to that, letting people in who weren’t trustworthy, also made me susceptible to attacks. And that also had me down in the dumps a little bit. No matter the disagreement or the difference in perception, people have to remain friends, and remain loving. There’s too much hatred in the world. But others do not see it that way. I am trying with all of my heart here, to find people that actually see the world and it’s true condition, and are not willing to just ignore it by turning a blind eye and sit on the Internet all day. In other words…It’s OK to check your social media, but you should be out there doing real things. I’m trying to find people that aren’t willing to turn a blind eye, and just put on an act that they are spiritual, when in their own true lives are doing nothing at all.

I am here to find the true chosen for the anointed consciousness. This really means the world to me because it meant the world to God he sent me. And while others don’t like that I say that, or that I even have a relationship with God, or those who really don’t believe it, that is fine. Because I know that I am OK with my source. I would only be the one to pay the price for making claims that were not true. And since I know that they are true, I have nothing remotely to be ashamed or worried about. God is on my side. And he always will be, because he knows that I try and try all the time, to do the work he sent me here to do. I am who I say, and I know glorious life changing things, soul changing things, for the transcendence that you deserve. But many sell themselves short.

But for now on, to protect the privacy of my work, to protect my own identity as it has been stolen and used by other gurus who copied my work, and also to protect those who are really truly 100% honest and true to the fact that they want to real growth and understanding, and a connection to the divine and what they want will change into actually use it, to do something about it, I am going to start putting my work on another website top-secret. The other websites will remain. I will not be taking them down because there are many others who enjoy them. But in regards to going into any serious subject matter, prophecies, or any activities that we are doing as a group, I would like to keep that separate in a secret area online. Right now I am having someone help me on working on getting that set up. I will definitely post more about where you can find this website later on, once it all comes together. I hope, with in the next couple of months or sooner. With that being said, I will more than likely put up a post on all of my social media’s, when the links are available and you can comment there if you wish to be a part of it. But for now on because of the intensity of what I am going to be teaching and because of the world changing by lacking empathy, remorse or love, it is very important to protect the word of God at this time.

So again I will be leaving of the blogs that are there now, for good. There will be a new website for gathering, as well as learning. They more than likely be connected to the future courses as well and the older ones. I will still be posting on social media but again my time is limited, as I have backed off and social media a great deal since it has been affecting my energy being at this vibration. I only spent 35 minutes a day on it as these blogs are being typed for me, by a typist. If you are trying to catch me by text messaging, the best time of the day to do so would be around 10:00 at night, as well as 4:30 am in the morning. I have to somehow still stay in touch with the people that I work with online. So I do check emails and messages during those times for about 15 minutes each. With the remainder, I have an assistant who is reading messages to me and replying for me. So if you have anything private that you need to say I would suggest that you do it during those times especially. I get very ill being on the Internet, you have no idea. It makes me nauseous and very sick to be around electronics anyway . And I’m even having trouble talking on the phone. But that was always a case of you recall.

Still this is not an insult toward anybody that I know right now, nor is it meant to be an insult at all. I’m sure that those of you who definitely can see and feel what’s going on in the world today, can understand where I’m coming from and why. I love everybody that I have ever worked with, every single one, there is nobody exempt. And please don’t assume in this article that you were one of the people that I am mentioning who have hurt me or that I thought was not in this for the right intentions. Many people have assumed from the articles that I was talking about them for whatever reason when they had done nothing wrong at all. So please don’t take it upon yourself to take the article personally.

Thank you and I’ll still be around and keeping in touch. I will never give up and I will never abandon any of you. I just wanted to let you all know that I think a more compact, private space where we can really talk about things and I have absolute trust, would be a good idea. Somethings just aren’t meant to be mainstreamed. I will still do videos and other blog topics on spirituality and topics that maybe others have knowledge in already but need more? But for the sacred teachings that will be more shhhhhh.

Psychic Attack on the baby!

The intent of these posts are merely only to share experiences in case others encounter similar issues, to educate and to some entertain as the info may be interesting. I don’t seek sympathy. I am a teacher and my own experiences shed light on topics that for others are too taboo.

I had just did a podcast on sound cloud about a haunted chandelier that had come into my possession, from someone in my family. Now I want to talk about a few other things. As everybody knows how my my newborn about 3 1/2 months old now, is very psychic. Probably more than I am. Since she has been home, she has noticed spirit guides and deceased people, coming and going. There are many times I had put her in her crib to hear her crying moments later. I never leave her by herself for more than five minutes. She won’t let me anyway LOL. We are glued or another as 18. Still though, when I do have to get use of my other arm from carrying her around most of the day, I put her down in the crib so that I can do a few things quickly. A few times, I had walked into the room seeing that there were some elderly spirits surrounding her.

In particular, there had been an older woman. She was a kind looking elderly lady about 80 years old, with glasses and a very short white hair. I had seen that she took an interest in my child from the moment I had brought her home because, she was often lingering by the crib. I tried to communicate with her but she would leave each time. It was the elderly lady that I had seen first. And then gradually one by one more and more older people would gather around. I started to worry a little bit although I did not feel malevolent energy right away.

I have been dealing with seeing spirits since I was three years old. It’s terrifying. And I didn’t want her to grow up already being scared. I know that she has me to help and guide her. But I also don’t want her getting confused as to what is physical and what is not. Because, we as psychic mediums, see spirits as we do regular people. As a child, I would have spirits swarming around me too. I don’t recall if this was happening to me when I was an infant or not. The earliest memories that I have, are from two years old and up. But to be brutally honest, anything of a spiritual nature, I don’t remember anything before three years old. I knew that my baby was going to be just like me. But as any protective mother, I did take caution. I channeled into a few of them and realized that these were souls that she had helped as a guardian angel in their earlier lives. One of the elderly men had told me that she had helped guide him through World War I and had appeared to him when he had prayed for help during a bombing. He told me that he could not speak for the others, but he was pretty sure that it would be a similar scenario. I had asked him how he had known that she was now born into a body? He told me that they all had just passed away, as she was being born. During the moments of transition, they had been told by their guides and deceased relatives on the other side. Their guides had said that their guardian angel would be born on earth. That is why they were gathering around her. They all wanted to welcome and greet the angel that had help them during times of great distress. They were leaving this world still lingering somewhere in between for unfinished business. This had brought them comfort.

When I came to the elderly woman though, I had walked in so many times after that, seeing her just appear as if she were rocking the little cradle that my baby was laying down and although she could not really physically move it. And then just vanished suddenly, as I would see her there. I never got to see her blueprint. This was something that bothered me. I know from experience that a good spirit will always be one that introduced as it’s self to anybody that has a clear vision of it. It was stated his business and why it’s there. This soul never dead. In fact instead, disappeared every time I was in the vicinity.

Things mellowed out from there. Over the last couple of months, I have been helping my baby to cope with sightings. I have a lot of spiritual activity here since I do a lot of work channeling. All different types of spirits are in and out every day. Even ones that could be considered to be a bit frightening because they are different. She seemed to be doing just fine and even had helped me a couple of times to bring comfort and healing to people who had come to my office upset, needing a reading. As soon as they had made eye contact with her, they felt better. She started adjusting to my way of life. In fact I didn’t take much adjustment at all. In truth, she just naturally became a part of everything as if she had always been here all along. Even through the situation with the haunted chandelier, she didn’t really seem to phase her very much in times before that, that we had seen this shadow being. And believe me, I know that she had seen it, because she had always been the first to look in that direction. Then I would look across the room and my cat would also be looking that way and that’s how I knew that there was something over there for the two of them to be staring. I would look, and sure enough it would be there. But something just recently started happening that was starting to really upset me. I know that when I was a child I went under a lot of psychic attacks. All kinds of spirits were always coming at me, even ones that were of a darker nature. Many of you have heard those stories before.

It all started two days ago. Like I have always said when you open up a psychic doorway, or you were born naturally as us like it, you will have access to both sides of the fence so to speak. You don’t get to choose. You are open, that’s it. But, maybe we had only had some very benevolent visitors so far in addition to the shady elderly spirit that kept appearing. When we first moved into this house, we had a lot of spiritual activity. In fact the previous owner had died here. Well, just a few blocks down the street which had then just naturally attracted them back to his home. His death was tragic and he had not even known that he was dead. He just went about his business regularly and went back home as if it had never even happened. He eventually started realizing that something was very wrong though, and the years went by without contact from his family. They had moved out after his death. So he was occupying the house. We had known that right before we even bought the house. I never felt that he was malevolent Though I did feel that he had some aggression. Just a few weeks after buying the house and moving in, I started noticing a lot of spiritual activity. Somebody would’ve bang really hard up at the top of my door every night at the same time. There was growling coming from the garage which seems to always collect he’ll natured spirits. And there were many times that there had been a lot of spiritual activity in the upstairs hallway and in the stairwell that connects the split level of our house. Even my father has said that he has sat on the sofa upstairs, and watched as somebody walk down the hallway, and down the steps. He had even told me that he had seen somebody standing at the bottom of the steps for the longest time. He was used to it though, is what he told me. I was not surprised. I knew already.

Hello, it never does get easier LOL. Nevertheless the point is no matter where I go I’m always dealing with some kind of visitor or many of them, and it seems that as of late… There haven’t been very nice ones. That’s OK I have my spiritual boxing gloves on and I’m going to open a can of whoopy! My little girl though? She is so ultrasensitive. She’s only been here for almost 4 months now, and this is her first visit to earth. She’s already seen a lot of spirits that have visited me. And that not only included spirits but other entities to. Are usually referred to interdimensional or inter-terrestrials as entities. Then evil spirits to you? I just feel so awful for her. But at least she is learning and she does have a need to protect her. Nevertheless it doesn’t change the fact that she had her very first psychic attack just a few days ago.

After noticing that we still had activity in the hallway and on the stairs at my father and I noticed when we first moved in here,I just brushed it off because it wasn’t anything that we weren’t used to handling when it was needed. Even though each of us have protection grids around us, spirits will still try to get into the environment to await their chance to attack when your protection gets weak. But I did it for a very long time to have additional protection around the perimeter of my office. Like a bubble that was crafted to go around the edges, the walls, floor and ceiling. I can tell you that when people enter into that space, they definitely feel much calmer and more serene. There’s a certain energy to it. So when my older kids are ready for bed, they do not even sleep in their own bedrooms upstairs. They come down into my office and have a sleep over on the floor. He feels safer there. And I have an 18-year-old! You would think that she would be sleeping in her own bedroom by now. But being as spiritually sensitive as I am, she definitely feels a presence upstairs and often runs into other entities on her own time too, that she has not learned to get comfortable with. My son also, is often very afraid up there at night time for the same reason. He does not see spirits but he can feel when they are around. I have to stand at the edge of the hall with the hallway light on, to wait for him while he grabs his blankets to come down and sleep with me. But naturally, I spend a lot of time down in my portion of the home. It’s very serene. No electromagnetic energy, not of an artificial kind anyway. I use a lot of battery operated lights and candles. Television is not on, and any background noise I may have going on in there would be some beautiful music. I play a lot of higher vibrational Christian music and also a lot of meditation music. And to be honest, I do you like to listen to nature sounds including that of our universe. It is very calming.

I really felt good about getting rid of the negative spirits that have been here as a result of that chandelier, and besides having had to deal with those types of entities of my life, although not the same exact ones. It truly was a relief. but if you times recently my baby and I were walking down the upstairs hallway to grab a couple of items from the bathroom for her nightly lavender bath. And suddenly, as soon as we hit a specific area in the hallway, she started just totally flipping out. And this would have been an Amana resume that I did not recognize. Of course again, she is only four months old almost. But still, usually a mother will have heard every type of cry even in the first two months. And this was her reaction that I had never seen! The spot in the hallway was very cold as well. So I backed up with her and I went back to the living room to tell my father what it just happened. But the sofa is within reasonable vision of that location in the hallway, and he had said that he had witnessed it. So, he told me to merely just ignore it and keep an eye on things so to speak. Nevertheless, it started happening at the bottom of the staircase to. Anytime that I would head back downstairs from saying hello to my family upstairs, it would be at that one very last step, that my babies would throw both of her arms out to the side startled in terror. I usually carry her with one arm, with her facing forward so that she can see everything that I see as I carry her around. And this was happening frequently. I started to get concerned and so I started an inspection. Whatever it had been, it was gone. I never put the baby down. Since she’s been born I have been carrying her everywhere that I go. She has never even slept in her crib. She sleeps by there with her head on my chest as I lay down, or she sleeps in the little nook under my arm. I don’t have a bed in my office which is where I sleep at. I don’t really sleep that’s why. I usually would just meditate on the couch and then work as much as I could, to help other people. I do have a bedroom down there. It Has a bed in it. But I have never used it. In fact I’ve never really used the room except to Store clothes in. What’s the use of going in there anyway? It’s not like I’m going to laydown and go to sleep right? So I ended up making that room a nursery for the baby. But it just so happens that she is just like me and would rather lay down on the couch and rest a little bit, but she does go to sleep.

The other morning while I had been meditating and doing the prayers on the prayer list and people who submit them through the entry form on my website, the room had gotten extremely cold in temperature. The baby was laying on my chest resting as well, but she was wide-awake. She often is during my prayers. She’s also awake much of the time when I am doing my trance work that way. I find it easier to go into the meditation for the trance, if I am laying down knowing that the baby is safe next to me. She often stays very quiet for some time for me to do it. It was that particular morning that I felt the temperature drop and suddenly she started screaming again. I calmed her but a few moments later, it happened. The third time, I saw the shadow of whatever was standing over us which I felt familiar with .

Glancing, I saw the elderly lady hovering over us. The baby wailed a blood curtailing scream. Recognizing it now as it was completely shapeshifter, I yelled, “Tesh-Sheil reveal yourself”! I recognized finally, the spirit before me. The disguise of an elderly old woman had been a clever one, I admit. But nothing escapes me. The spirit’s elderly mask disappeared to an ugly, tall, thin body of brown skin. His face long and thin, with jagged teeth, a pointed nose, yellow eye balls with red irises and tall coarse hair that stood up on his head like a hedge of hair. He stood awkwardly. His feet facing outward instead of straight ahead, and he stood on his tip toes. He pushed his shoulders out and puffed up his chest to seem intimidating but after having heard his name, he went down on all fours and crawled backwards into the corner the room and viciously hissing at me. His eyes lit up with enjoyment at this projected disgust and hatred. He brought an odor of sulfur or better yet, like the smell of when a woman is getting a perm. Phew! I did an angelic mudra, made a psi ball and sent it at him. It sent him leaping around until I had sent the second one. Then he vanished away. Walking to the area, it was like I had walked into air full of ashes. My mother smokes cigarettes and at times has thrown one out of the car window. Coming back in, it would send ashes up my nose and into my mouth. The smell and taste is not pretty. It was like that or inhaling an ashtray. Only, 10 times worse.

Speaking of my mom. My mother ran downstairs. What’s happening?! Is the baby ok?”Adree was still crying as I tried to explain. Ehhhh.

I’ve been singing to her in angelic light toning, and reading to her Holy stories, ever since. Those things and another blessing on the home, has helped. What the heck though?! Why so many attacks? I discovered the spirit associated with the chandelier, but who sent Tesheil? The demon of Astral workings and of night mares? He had been lurking around since August then. He had have been. The first time that I had seen he was in the disguise of the elderly woman, lurking around the empty bassinet from before the baby had been born. And then again, several times between now and then. The baby had come home in October, having been born on 26 September. That means that this had been waiting almost 5 months for the perfect moment to attack. I know that people that usually practice magical spells against enemies or competitors, will often send this entity without even knowing that they are doing so. I always say that magic is a very tricky thing because people may call on one spirit and gain the help of another. They never really know who it is that they are working with unless they are entirely advanced. And by advanced, I mean illuminated. Spirits are really wonderful at disguising themselves. This definitely has not been anything of my own doing because, no matter what spirit comes when I am doing any kind of mystical work, I always look beyond the mask straight to the blueprint. Otherwise, I will not do any work any further with any spirit unless I can see it’s true identity. I have not had any demons other than the sneaky one that had been hiding in my house from the chandelier and the extra dimensional beings who had appeared in 2016 and then again recently, around the time that we had discovered the chandeliers attachment.

I wondered who would deliberately target a mother and a child? I discovered the answer. Seems that while I am not an enemy to anyone on my own end, and instead just send love and acceptance to everyone and everywhere I go, the individual felt that I was an enemy because I was getting on their nerves being a know it all LOL. They also felt competitive with me. So they got to shake things up a bit, but to be so hurtful as to try to cause me and my child issues? I was very heartbroken over it and I don’t think I can escape the fact that they sent an entity to my home when there is a little one here, let alone that they sent one to me who has only ever been kind to them, at all. I forgive them though.

Last thing that I want to say is this, just because I am an angel full of love and always exercising and virtues does not mean that I do not have access into other powers as well. I would never in my life use anything to harm anybody, as some other people do. But, if I feel I need to defend myself, I will and it will be all out war in that case. Never mess with a mother and her cub.

On a lighter note, I’ve been spending time with some emissaries from the higher planes and from Lyra. Messages will be available soon!

Monthly Celebration of the Gods

On my Facebook and Instagram, I have started celebrating and a monthly God with others. While I am not going into the full extent of my practices, I thought it would be fun to share with others, to bring back that spiritual mood and inspiration that many had lost in 2017, and throughout 2018. It’s fun to see others learn and try new things. Besides, it really does go hand-in-hand with the ending of my course, Heaven and Hell. It will soon come to an end, and it would be really interesting to continue with the presence of the realms in our lives by having everyone try different forms of worship and magic. I am going to host this each week in my group on Facebook. Please join us there!

This month? Dionysus. The first step that I had everybody take was, that about a week ago I had everyone make their spiritual altar, to represent our angelic guide for the month, Chamuel. Sometime before that, I had introduced the idea of Tyr, a Norse God. But then I went into a little bit more information in regards to any God who is represented by having horns, and who rules over the life and death cycle. It is because most of these guards who in the winter time. Right around Yule, Christmas or the Winter Solstice. Now this week, we are going to combine a little bit of everything for the rest of the month. Let’s make an altar for one of the horned gods in particular, who pretty much represents a few of them in one, but just goes by different names in different cultures. Dionysus.

You will definitely want to decorate your altar with things that represent him such as, grapes, wine, any kind of nuts and pinecones. His stone is amethyst so you won’t want to make sure that you have amethyst there as well. In addition to this, we are still working with the angel Chamuel. I will provide an end of the month message from this angel. In the meantime, you can still keep some white candles lit on your alter. I will provide an “end of the month” message from this angel. This angel can work with any of the heavenly hosts, and providing messages. Even though they work in a very specific legion under a specific commander, they are not limited. You can use any kind of white candles from votives, pillars, to tapered.

I’m going to write an article about our God for this month. Let me to eat we will have a new celebrations and activities to work with in order to bring a little bit of fun back into our lives and spiritually. I wanna always be able to provide deep information about our subjects, but I will do the best they can to keep everybody well educated. For now our weekly celebration is going to be a feast Dionysus style!

For my platter (feel free to copy), I am going to to buy grapes, a very lovely non alcoholic red wine, nuts, and nondairy, cheeses. I will be adding olives, seared tuna, and nuts too. Last but not least, I will also add, dried apricot and figs. This will all go on a platter that will be served with the non-alcoholic wine. I’m going to post on Saturday some links to some wonderful music. Get into the mood. Even if you’re by yourself who cares! Throw on a toga. It would be nice if you had a couple of friends to have a little toga party with but if you have to go alone, that’s OK too. You don’t even have to wear the toga if you don’t want to. I will also post some games that you can play or try that were played at Greek parties.

Just enjoy your life. Don’t care about what anybody thinks and learn some different things. The whole point in life is to have experiences. Many people have had past lifetimes in Greece anyway. it is because Greece was a civilization that led many people especially Starseed souls, down through their pathway of growth and learning spiritually. It was an epic center of history. It makes sense a lot of people who have been here since ancient times would have been there once. It’s culture lasted a while. Sometimes it helps to connect with your past lives by reliving a small part of them. So this activity is a deeply spiritual practice..

Spiritual Space

Perhaps maybe you don’t remember, but in 2013, I had started actually uploading videos to YouTube. During that time there had been a video on how to create spiritual space. It has since been deleted from the channel though. I have always had an altar. When visitors came, I’d move it. It’s personal, and whenever someone would see it, tons of questions came. When it comes to my own private spiritual practices, I don’t always like to have to explain what every little thing means because it may have a very deep profound meaning for me. Also my practices are not things done here on earth and are very different.

In 2013, and up until 2016 I had rented a house that was a beautiful rancher with a finished basement or work.But started to interrupt things with my family who had lived upstairs. We started to look for extra space and found that the house immediately next-door, have been for rent as well. So my parents and children had moved into the adjutant house and I opened the upstairs to the rest of the public visitors for meditation, reiki, readings and hypnosis. It was beautiful because, already downstairs I had couple of different rooms set up for those activities, but now I was able to change things up to where we would have extra space for people to actually stay a few days here or there due to having that extra guest rooms now. Those were people that I had already known in the local area.

Moving into the house next-door, the rugs and carpet were not really the best condition. There were spills all over the place from the previous family and some burn marks all over the carpets where the former residents had dropped their cigarettes. We had planned on renovating the space, but it seemed that paying rent to use two properties was really taking a lot of money away from being able to do that. I had wanted to save up in order to buy a place where I could have the same set up for business, but also have enough personal space for my family as well. My father had suggested that I just stop having people come in person for a little while and shut down the other rental property. Dad has said that maybe for the next year or two, to center my work mainly online for a little while then. Of course, I would still have a person come in every now and then if they needed it, but it would be far easier to save money if I just had listened to his advice. So I did.

My father had just recovered from having cancer through the healing sessions and other treatments for the first time that he had gotten cancer. He truly did not have enough strength to move all of his possessions back into the better home next door, that they had just left previously, in order for me to save money. He had figured that since they had already moved all of their personal things and furniture into the new rental, to just leave everything there and shut down the “spiritual home”. This really made me sad though. Since I had a few guest rooms there, there were even times that I would allow homeless people to sleep there. People that I had known while growing up, had been struggling with drugs or loss of jobs, and didn’t have a home in the area. I am the type of person that I’m not afraid to extend a helping hand to anyone. A majority of the people that I had known while growing up had ended up on drugs or getting into trouble. I had always warned them, but they did not listen, sadly. But that did not mean that I wouldn’t still be kind to them, or even try to help if they needed it. But for a little while, I would have to turn people away for a place to stay. It had not been often, but just here and there, that I would allow somebody in a very bad place, to sleep in one of the guestrooms. It’s not like I was fearful that they would steal anything. What would they do with the Crystal? Or a deck of Tarot cards? They wouldn’t get far with those items. However, the other rental had a lack of space and I wouldn’t be able to help anyone to have a warm place to sleep. Besides, not in the house with my family. It could be dangerous.

Nevertheless, We continued to reside in the smaller home, and it wasn’t really in the best condition. My mother often gave up on even trying to go out of her way to scrub the place because it was beyond repair. I of course being the perfectionist that I am, I sometimes had a little bit of a breakdown living there with the stains. But I did appreciate the fact that I had a place to live at all, and that this new set up was definitely helping us to save more money. I really missed the property next-door though. It went up for sale shortly after I had moved my things out. But I still had some pretty angel statues downstairs. I never did get the opportunity to retrieve them. Once they locked the place up to put it up on the market, the bank who had taken ownership of the property would not allow anybody to enter.

My personal spiritual alter ended up being put into a room that my father had cleaned up and painted, just for my work in the other rental property. He knew that I was very sensitive and a needed certain colors to boost my vibration. He didn’t want me to feel discouraged looking down at the floor and seeing a few stains here or there. He wanted me to be completely focused for the mission that I have been put on Earth to do as an angel. So he had taken one of the extra rooms and painted it a beautiful lavender color and since I didn’t sleep, I didn’t need a bed but we did put a sofa in there, just for me to sit and relax when should I need to. My kids sacrificed a little too, as they shared a bedroom. There were only three after all. The one for my work, the second for my parents and the third for my children to share.

By 2016, we had found a new home that had a split level that provided a place for me to live like having a separate home of of my own, and a place to work. My father decided to get the house for us, as it was taking forever for me to save up. I always gave a portion of my earnings to charity. I still do. However, I was grateful for the blessing and set up my altar right away. I wouldn’t be able to provide a place for any troubled people to sleep should they be in a bad place and need one, but if a very close friend wanted to visit, then that would be fine.

But my altar? I would take it down during visits. I have private spiritual thjngs that I add to it. While my life is in the public a lot, I still like to have my own sacred practices. I still haven’t even shown my closest friends my sacred methods or practices. That’s just the way that I am. I always believed that how spirit with me, is private between me and spirit. I will teach wisdom and do spiritual work for others in order for them to get answers using my own sacred abilities and gifts though.

And I am so very grateful for everything that God and spirit have done for me and others too. The spiritual altar shows gratitude but I have dedicated other bigger things to heaven too. Spiritual space should be exclusive for spirit. The room that I have devoted to the spirit, I don’t allow very specific things within that room since it is for spirit exclusively only. It’s sacred space. There is no cursing, no drinking, no arguing, no television, and especially no music other than what the Spirits enjoy. Not that anybody in my home really partake in any of that anyway, but when it comes to television and music yes my parents and my children do you watch and listen to some of the main stream stuff. That’s not allowed in the spirit through Minero. This way, that entire room is calm and serene should anybody need to come in and use it, to pray or just get away from it all. Spirit will wrap around them, fill them, as they live in the atmosphere. An altar?

I have a few of them. One of them is an altar for sacred Scriptures and writings, as well as journals full of experiences and spells. Then I have another which is devoted to my main deity, and then another one that is devoted to the spirit I will be working with mainly that week. Lastly, I sometimes have another smaller one set up for any other additional spirit helping me or clients, as they are entitled to have their own and not share one.I have made it a goal to at least share one of those each week. This way others can also connect with the spirit and learn about the spirit too. Last week we did an altar for Chamuel. This week Dionysus. However, I have been trying to do a more contemporary altar for worship, for my assisting spirit of the week. I do something a little more decorative instead. The other altars are traditional and unique.

Spiritual space is truly important for worship and also meditation. Spirit will help you through your meditation if you should offer them the right type of incense. Please join me each week on Facebook as I lead my groups through different altars and what to put on them, for spirit of the week. It helps to show the reverence and respect. In doing so, spirit is around you more strongly.

Lower Vibe Hazard

I know that I must not be the only one but it is not common to find too many of us.

Since childhood, I didn’t watch a lot of television or movies frequently. I saw a show that I liked before school, one show after homework… and that was it. Each year from ages 5 through 9, the shows changed but my time watching did not. It was always the half an hour educational program that had commercials in between that had it run an hour, and the same for the after school program. However, I have always explained to people even my parents that my vision was not like a lot of other people. I always saw multiples in images and the colors never seemed to match up with the ones that they were teaching us at school. The doctors could never figure out what was going on with my eyes. In fact they said I had a great vision. My mother told me to ask spirit since they always told me the truth of a lot of things anyway, and it had been proven to her so many times.

So I did, and they had said it was just because of my ability to see into the realms. That made a lot of sense to me as often and a lot of the static in lines that I could see, spirit would appear almost as if they were a person standing right in front of me. It was hard sometimes to tell the difference between the spirit world and the world of the living. It’s a little bit difficult to explain. But I started to learn what the colors were perceived as to other people, and mastered it throughout the years of my childhood. It still made it a little hard to watch television, because of the additional glow.

I noticed that due to the psychic sensitivity, it also made me sensitive to other wavelengths and frequencies. Already, as early as 5 years old I had noticed that there were times when there were certain television shows on that had resembled a similar type of wave length to when there were certain specific types of spirits that came into the room too. Sometimes the vibrations were so low that I would get very sick. So I cut out the television altogether and just read books. I have never been a follower, but it is a little difficult to live in a world that surrounds television, and not actually ever watch it. There were times throughout the years after, that I did try to watch a movie here in there because friends at school had recommended it, or they had been talking about all of the hype surrounding a new film that had debuted. I’m very grateful for my father though, because he seemed to always Keep a very close eye on me. He noticed that I did worse with television during the day, as I did worse with a lot of things during some long hours. Whenever I wanted to watch a movie really bad, he would end up putting it on a very specific time in the evening from that point forward. And it made a lot of difference. But I always felt nauseous after sitting in front of the television screen watching the movie, for more than an hour depending upon what movie it was.

As time has progressed, I stopped watching TV entirely. Once in a while I would watch a movie. In my Facebook group, we were doing theater Thursdays which were my idea. I was trying to introduce movies that give people an idea into things spiritual that I knew. I didn’t want to hog up all of the attention or seem as if I am dictating and not allowing others to suggest anything, so after a while I did recommend that others mention films that went along with our team creature for the week spiritually. Nevertheless, I had to stop. I just could not take week after week of sitting in front of the television because of how harmful it was for my health, spiritually and physically. Idea of it had been fine and I certainly loved doing a group activity. But I had not even listened to the radio for a very long time due to the frequencies. Many people will think that this is very over-the-top, but when you are psychically sensitive, any outside vibration is going to be felt and it is going to have an effect. I’ve always been very sensitive to the gravity here, upon many other energies naturally on earth, in addition to artificial ones. Now that time has gone by even more, I had to raise my vibration up once again. I was already where I wanted to be, but I did want to take it up a little because sometimes it has a tendency to drop because of the atmosphere and such. After doing so, I just kind of skyrocketed a little bit further than I had expected. I noticed how horribly sick I get even if a television is playing a few rooms away. It’s very difficult for me to sit on the computer which is why I don’t spend much time on social media anymore either. I do post so that I can keep in touch, but afterwards I don’t spend much time on it. I will check here in there throughout the day so that I can still communicate with my friends. But I don’t spend any more than maybe about 20 minutes a day on it. That is why it’s also hard for me to sometimes upload readings or even work on my course. It requires having to sit in front of the computer for sometime. I had limited that time by having my daughter work in the email box for me, but I still have other responsibilities. And now? It’s just becoming even more increasingly difficult.

Other things include, difficulty driving in areas that are heavily influenced by cell phone towers or electrical wires. I also cannot really be in a room with too many lights on. I now have to use battery operated lights or candles. I get very nauseous, my body starts to suffer in pain, and my shoulders start to tense up, my neck will be next… And then I have an excruciating migraine headache. I’ll start vomiting right away. And this happens to me in any one of those settings. Like I said in the beginning of this article, I am sure that I am not the only person. But many people are so adapted to watching television and being around electronics, that it doesn’t really phase them. It’s only for those that really have raised up their vibration, that they will notice how awful it is to really be around artificial intelligence. My newborn daughter… I don’t think anybody really realizes what a blessing she is to me. She makes me feel less alone due to her being the same. She has come here and her very first lifetime as a human. Everybody knows that she has been a mermaid before but human? No. She is a originally of angelic origin. I find that she gets highly agitated when she is around the same type of Settings. If someone has the television on in another room and she can hear it, it really starts to agitate her. She also doesn’t like when anyone is watching television in the same room. She will cry and cry until it is turned off. Are there more, if I have my phone in my hand just to post quickly on social media, if it takes me more than 10 minutes she will try to swat the phone out of my hand due to the way that the energy makes her feel. I can’t even have a telephone conversation for very long if I am holding her because of the symptoms that it causes. She starts to also feel a bit nauseous, and then will get a headache and cry for quite some time. To others they would not know exactly what was going on. They would probably try everything to console her and nothing would work. But she and I have a very deep telepathic connection to where she can just simply tell me. I even tried to host a video with her using my phone’s camera, and that didn’t last very long either. I only got a small clip and then had to redo the video on my own time. I think that it bothers her, more than it does me, because I have been here longer. But she is very serene and calm when it is peaceful and quiet, and I have the candles going with the battery operated fairy lights. She’s very pleasant and happy. She also seems to dislike daylight hours as well although we don’t leave the house very much anymore because of the affliction that it causes me when going outside. This is because of all of the cell phone towers and Crisscrossing lines of energy from people’s cell phones driving in the cars next to us. The radio waves are also quite intense. Putting a protective energy grid around the house, I found that it has helped a great deal, but I still have to limit the use of electronics.

So if you are reading this and have been feeling abnormally on well lately, it could very well be because of the same situation. Perhaps, growing in your spiritual journey and in your vibration too. All of the lower vibrational artificial energy, maybe starting to have an affect on you negatively. However, this can also happen if you are around a person with a terribly low vibration as well. Being around others who are on a totally different level than you are, will definitely have an effect. A specific symptom will be that that person just suddenly turns you off for no reason. This can happen vice versa too. It’s strange how people who are on totally different vibrations can just somehow create feelings of disgust. Not towards the person individually, but just the vibration around them. For an example I was around somebody that had extremely low vibration, who was extremely close minded as well. I was very happy to see them and enjoyed having their company for the first day. It was jovial and we were having such a wonderful good time. But the second day had come around and it had started like the day before, jovial and happy…but then just gradually I started to feel very uncomfortable around the person. I started getting the same symptoms that I get from electronics and negative spirits, but with the individual. You may experience that too. If so, you will experience the following symptoms:

1. Sudden nausea

2. Body pain that seems to burn

3. Tension to migraine headache

4. Restlessness

5. Sudden discomfort and agitation

6. Feeling like you have to quickly flee the area (or quickly get away from a specific person)

7. Feeling suffocated, as if you cannot breathe.

Those are the symptoms that I experience often when I am around electronics, areas filled with a lot of artificial intelligence, gravity that is too strong on certain days or at certain times, or around spirits and people who are very low in there vibration. Of course if that is happening with the person, you always want to be kind and explain that you are energetically sensitive. Let them know that it isn’t them personally, but you may need just a little bit of space. Some people will not understand and if that is the case, just tell them that you are going through a personal issue, and you just need a little bit of time to work through it. That should help. But never tell a person that they are of a low vibration that is hurting you, not unless they truly want to know and ask. I have had to tell a few people that their energy has hurt me. They seemed to understand as they have been learning with me a little bit here and there. But one of those people, had totally turned around and allowed their pride to get in the way and started to not care about how it affected me, but more so wanted to know more about why they were so low. But unfortunately a conversation like that takes soul auditing and time to try to show a person their behaviors and their perspectives etc. that cause the lower vibration. I ended up having to lecture the person through the issue rather than being able to just take a few minutes to rejuvenate myself. I am a selfless person so I did not mind, but it would have been nice if they could have allowed me a few minutes. You may also experience those types of symptoms when there is a lower vibrational entity around as well. I went through that most of my life too. There are also people that are just infested with parasitic attachments, generational spirits or negative thought forms that may not know it and you could pick up on it the same way.

Good luck and please be sure to take care of yourself! If you have symptoms like that, the best thing that you can do is just take a nice cool shower and cleanse with Himalayan sea salt. Turn off all of your electronics and ask anybody around you to just leave the room for a little meditation time. You may also want a protection grid on yourself or at least your home, so that you don’t have to absorb any harmful energies. For now, my daughter and I will stick with what’s safe and stay away. I have started her library of books for her. It’s a good thing she loves serenity.